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About Suzele and

About Suzele and

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Contact Suzele

Hi, I'm Suzele and I'm here to help you create a more interesting, one of a kind trip to Alsace France. There is a lot of useful information that you can use to plan your trip yourself... or... I can do ALL the work for you on a private tour made just for you!

My Tours

Alsace Tours

A Private Tour of Alsace away from the Crowds of Tourists

World War Tours

Your Own Private Tour of World War One and Two Sites

Alsace Backroads Tours

A Single Day Tour of Alsace's Backroads

Alsace Wine and Food Tours

Your Own Private French Food and Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tours for Collectors and Sommeliers

Special Wine Tours According to Your Specific Preferences

Alsace Genealogy and Culture Tours

Tours Especially Designed for Someone with an Alsatian Family Tree

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Need Some Help with Your Alsace Genealogy Project?

My GetAlsaced Guide Books

My Guide to Alsace Travel Books

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Need Some Help with Your Alsace Travel Plans?

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Ask a Question

Ask questions about Alsace...and I'll post my answers...sort of like a Frequently Asked Questions

Your Alsatian Food Questions Answered

Your Taking the Train in France Questions Answered

Recommendations in Alsace

Tell me (and the thousands of people planning their Alsace vacations) what you liked about your trip to Alsace!

Your Alsace Photos

Share your photos from Alsace and see what other people have shared

France and Genealogy

Ask questions and share information about your genealogical research in Alsace or France

Your Alsace Trip

Tell me about your Alsace trip plans, what is missing, what's frustrating and anything about planning your trip to Alsace

Traveling to Alsace

Alsace Travel Guides

Planning Your Alsace Vacation: Get Started Right (with Local Advice)

Your Alsace Travel Guide (Written by Locals Who Love It)

Flying to Alsace

Airline Tickets to France

The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris France

Your Strasbourg Flights and the Strasbourg Entzheim Airport

Train Travel

Train Travel in Alsace

Villages in Alsace with Train Stations and Train Stops

How to Save Money on Train Travel in Alsace

Your Taking the Train in France Questions Answered

Where to Go

Find a Hotel

*Towns and villages are listed alphabetically (see "Villages" for geographically listed villages

Want to Make a Hotel Reservation in Alsace?

Albé France

Ammerschwihr France

Andlau France

Barr France

Beblenheim France

Bergheim France

Blienschwiller France

Chatenois France

Cleebourg France

Dambach la Ville France

Dieffenthal France

Eguisheim France

Gueberschwihr France


Heiligenstein France

Hunawihr France

Husseren les Chateaux France

Itterswiller France

Kaysersberg France

Kientzheim France

Kintzheim France

La Petite Pierre Alsace

Marlenheim France

Mittelbergheim France

Mittelwihr France

Molsheim France

Munster France

Mutzig France

Niederbronn les Bains

Obernai France

Ottrott France

Ribeauvillé France

Riquewihr France

Rodern France

Rosheim France

Rouffach France

Saint Hippolyte Alsace France

Saverne France

Scherwiller France

Schirmeck France

Selestat France

Turckheim France

Villé France

Wettolsheim France

Wintzenheim France

Wissembourg France

Zellenberg France

Strasbourg Hotels and Accommodation


Hotels in Strasbourg France

One of a Kind Strasbourg Hotels

Bed and Breakfasts in Strasbourg

Discount Hotels in Strasbourg

Hostels in Strasbourg

Mid Range Hotels in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Vacation Rentals and Apartments

Luxury Hotels in Strasbourg

Alsace Maps

The Basic Alsace Map

Alsace Map: The Alsace Area and its Major Highways

Basel City Map with Places to Visit in Basel

Bioscope: A Kids Amusement Park in Alsace

Ecomusee: An Outdoor History Museum in Alsace

Montagne des Singes: A Sanctuary for Barbary Macaques in Alsace

Volerie des Aigles: A Birds of Prey Show in Alsace

Bringing the Kids

Kids and Fun in Alsace

Kids and Fun in Southern Alsace

Kids and Fun in Central Alsace

Kids and Fun in Northern Alsace

Bioscope: A Kids Amusement Park in Alsace

Cité du Train: The Train Museum in Mulhouse

Ecomusee: An Outdoor History Museum in Alsace

Montagne des Singes: A Sanctuary for Barbary Macaques in Alsace

Volerie des Aigles: A Birds of Prey Show in Alsace

Cities & Towns

Cities Mini Guides

9 Alsace Towns and Cities You Should Know About

The Individual Towns and Cities

*Cities and towns are listed geographically (see "Find a Hotel" for alphabetically listed cities, towns and villages

Haguenau: Pottery, Alsatian Culture and History

Obernai: Beautiful Alsatian Architecture, Wine Villages and Vineyards

Selestat: Medieval Books, Canoeing and Christmas Trees

Basel, Switzerland


Everything about Strasbourg France

Your Strasbourg Holiday: What to do in and around Strasbourg

Your Alsace Vacation: How Far Are Those Alsatian Villages from Strasbourg?


Alsace Villages Mini Guides

23 Adorable Alsace Villages for You to Discover with a Local

Which Alsace Village to Visit: 19 Interesting Ones to Check Out (with Local Advice)

The Individual Villages

*Villages are listed geographically. See "Find a Hotel" for alphabetically listed villages

Wissembourg: Wine Villages, Castles and Military History

Cleebourg: Wine Villages, Castles and Military History

Niederbronn les Bains: Natural Springs, Spas and Medieval Castles

La Petite Pierre: Scenic Mountain Views, Castles and Spas

Saverne: Castles, Mountains and History

Marlenheim: Wine Villages, Horseback Riding and Spas

Molsheim: Wine Villages, Fast Cars and Military History

Mutzig: Beer, Wine Villages and Military Forts

Rosheim: Medieval Architecture, Wine Villages and Ancient History

Schirmeck: World War Two, Hiking and Scenic Mountain Views

Ottrott: Red Wine, Luxurious Spas and a Mountain Top Convent

Heiligenstein: Klevener Wine, Cycling and Wine Makers' Hotels

Barr: Romantic Getaways, Biking through Vineyards and Wine

Mittelbergheim: Sylvaner Wine, Medieval Villages and Biking through Vineyards

Andlau: Medieval Castles, Hiking and Beautiful Architecture

Itterswiller: Rolling Hills of Vineyards, Biking and Wine Tasting

Blienschwiller: Hiking, Biking and Lots of Wine Tasting

Dambach la Ville: Beautiful Architecture, Hiking and Wine Tasting

Dieffenthal: Hiking through Vineyards, Biking and Wine Tasting

Scherwiller: Riesling, History and Medieval Castles

Villé: Fresh Cheeses, Fruit Brandies and Mountain Sports

Albé: Pinot Noir, Horseback Riding and Short Mountain Hikes

Chatenois: Outdoor Festivals, Wine Tasting and Scenic Mountain Hiking

Kintzheim: Monkeys, Eagles, Storks and Wine!

Saint Hippolyte: Medieval Castles, Monkeys, Eagles, and Wine

Rodern: Pinot Noir, Rolling Hills of Vineyards and Hiking

Bergheim: Medieval City Walls, Beautiful Historic Buildings and Wine

Ribeauvillé: Tourists, Shops and Wine

Hunawihr: Butterflies, Storks and Wine

Zellenberg: Hilltop Views, Vineyards and Wine

Riquewihr: Tourists, Beautiful Medieval Buildings and Shops

Beblenheim: Peace and Quiet, Rolling Hills of Vineyards and Wine

Mittelwihr: Wine, Scenic Hilltop Vineyard Views and Almonds

Kientzheim: Medieval City Walls, Vineyard Paths and a Wine Museum

Kaysersberg: Incredible Views, Castle Ruins and Albert Schweizer

Ammerschwihr: Great Restaurants, Incredible Wine and Golf

Turckheim: Medieval City Walls, Historic Buildings and Rolling Hills of Vineyards

Munster: Cheese, Scenic Mountain Views and Winter Sports

Wintzenheim: Inexpensive Hotels, Vineyards and Wine

Wettolsheim: Lots of Winemakers, Great Food and Vineyards

Eguisheim: Cobblestoned Streets, an Alsatian Pope and Lots of Wine

Husseren les Chateaux: Medieval Castles, Scenic Views and Vineyards

Gueberschwihr: Rolling Hills, Vineyards and Wine

Rouffach: Four Star Hotels, Vineyard Hikes and Medieval Buildings


Alsace History

Alsace History

Prehistoric Alsace

Alsace France in World War One: 1914 to 1918

World War One

Alsace France in World War One: 1914 to 1918

Vieil Armand or Hartmannswillerkopf: One of Alsace's World War One Memorials


Learning French

Learning French

Understanding Spoken French

Alsatian Language

The Alsatian Language

Examples of the Alsatian Language

Languages in Alsace

Food and Drink

Alsace and Food

Alsace and Food

French-English Food Dictionary

Shopping in French Supermarkets in Alsace

Typical French Restaurant Food

Alsatian Specialties: How to Read a Menu in Alsace

Alsace Food: Wihnachts Bredele or Alsatian Christmas Cookies

Your Alsatian Food Questions Answered

Wine in Alsace

The French Wine Region of Alsace

The Different Types of Wine in Alsace

The Different Types of White Wine in Alsace

The French Wine Laws

Wine Tasting Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know about Tasting Wine in Alsace

Alsace Wineries

Alsace Wineries: What Are Your Favorites?

Your Favorite Wineries in Alsace

***The order of the questions here on the sitemap is based on when they were originally asked. The order changes when someone makes a comment on a review.

Rolly Gassman Wines in Rorschwihr Alsace

Emile Herzog in Turckheim: Warm and Welcoming


Christmas in Alsace

Need More Alsace Vacation Ideas?