Life in Alsace

The Good the Bad and the Rich, Creamy Details of French Life

Life in Alsace is something that I have always felt was missing from this website...

Sure...I told you that it was really interesting here (and it is) and I told you the food and wine are great (and they are), but I never gave you the whole story.

It wasn't intentional by the way...

I guess it just didn't occur to me that you might be interested in the story that goes along with the useful information about visiting Alsace.

So this is where you will get "the rest of the story" as some famous person used to say...

Don't expect any useful tourist tips...this is where you will find out about all the strange, wonderful and hopefully interesting things that go on here in Alsace...

It's also a way for you and me to get to know each other a bit...

You are most certainly welcome to comment on each story, introduce yourself, ask questions even...have a seat...relax...thirsty? How about a glass of wine?

Talk to you soon!

What's It Like Living in France?

If you've ever wondered what it's like living here in the magical region of Alsace in the the magical country of France, here you go...

It's not the same as visiting France, that's for sure...but then when was a vacation ever like life...

But it is fun! And exasperating... occasionally...but I'll let you decide ;)

Stories about Life in Alsace

Check out the strange and wonderful things that go on here in the mystical region of Alsace!

Recycling in Alsace Not rated yet
Let's kick this new section of the website off with a really exciting topic like recycling! Yeah!!! I know you are dying to know all about it too... …

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