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Village names in the 1820s through 1850s

I have an ancestor who immigrated to the U.S. sometime in the 1840s or 50s, he was inducted into the Army in our civil war in 1862 and listed his birthplace

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Jean Bossard,

Any information regarding my 7th great grandfather, Huguenot Jean Bossard born Alsace, France, in The Cloth Guild. What year of birth, year he left Alsace

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Finding documents

Hi, I'm looking for information on Jacques Etienne Dadéz, he was born in 1825 in Suarce. His parents are Etienne Dadéz and Monnie Marguerite. I can't find

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Family connection

My grandmother was born in 1888, in Ensisheim, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, German Empire. Her father’s name was Edward Didlein. I have no name for his wife other

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Tracing Grandfather

Believed to come from Bouxwiller in Alsace. my grandfather was Emile Kiehl - his mother came from Mulhouse. Seeking any records available

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Who are the parents of my great grandfather?

I am being told that my great grandfather known as Fredrick Server was born in Strasbourg France and he was born a Server or adopted by the SERVER family

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Looking for George Werner

I have been told he was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France on May 4, 1806. His parents names are unknown to me. Is there anyone that can help search in this

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Looking for info of my wife's great grandfather

His name was Georg Schott. He was born Dec. 1, 1884 in Strassburg/Alsace.

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Are we German or French?

I have my family traced back to Pieter Klein in 1575. He and several generations after him before they came to America are listed as being from Stiensall,

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Am I French or German

My great grandfather was Joseph Conreaux b 1851 d 1890 He worked in forestry and died in an occupational accident He lived in Saint Marie Aux Mines My

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Researching family in Alsace Meyer Ball and Kienlen

I have been researching the following families in the U.S. with fairly good success, however, jumping the pond has been a little more challenging. I would

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Researching great grandfather

My great grandfather immigrated from France between 1875 or 1878. These are the two dates I’ve found. I can not track any other info on him, no parents

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Mystery surname

My mother's paternal lineage is supposedly Of Alsatian origin, but I can't find evidence. Is the surname Armacost Alsatian?

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Murat Family in Alsace Lorraine

I am trying to locate information on my great grandfather's family. He was born in Alsace Lorraine April 20, 1864(Joseph L Murat). possibly in(Rue de Hericourt?).

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Prive/Privia Family

I am researching the Privia/Prive family who lived in Alsace-Lorraine. Nicholas Privia was the first of his family to come to America in 1847 as far as

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Train travel CDG Paris to Colamr

Flying into CGD 9.30am and catching train to Colmar same day. Can I catch a train direct from CGD to Colmar and alternatively I am concerned in regard

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Family history in Ribeauville and living relatives.

My last name is Ribeau. My great grandfather, Franz Ribeau came to the United States from Ribeauville in about 1849. I am wondering if I have any living

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The earliest types of records that can be obtained about my family.

My maternal grand mothers family came from Alsace to America in 1852. I have the birth, marriage and death records for Joseph Kehres, born 31 Aug 1736

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Belgians in Alsace 1884

Would there be a particular area of Alsace that would have had a lot of Belgian influence? My great-great grandfather, Charles Vlaminckx, leaves Belgium

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The Kehres family in Alsace

I am trying to find information on the Caris/ Kehres (Kahres?)family in Alsace. The name was originally spelled Kehres. It was somehow changed upon arrival

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