Looking for a Rouffach Hotel?

Rouffach an Alsace village in France

A Rouffach hotel may be for you if you're looking for a larger village with shops AND a train station AND very few tourists!

This village isn't particularly well known...even though it's got everything you need for a great vacation in Alsace...

Lots of history...restaurants...shops...wine...and beautiful scenery...

And some great hotels...particularly for those of you looking for four and five star accommodation with spas, tennis courts and indoor swimming pools.

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about Rouffach hotels and France…

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Daytrips from a Rouffach Hotel

A Rouffach hotel...four star or otherwise...is a great choice if you want a train station nearby...

Rouffach is a particularly great location for families with young children...lots of great family fun as well as historic and beautiful villages on the wine road.

Something for everyone...whether you prefer history and museums, wine or learning and adventure parks for kids!

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Rouffach.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


7 miles/11 km

If you are interested in medieval churches, then Guebwiller is the perfect wine road village for you. Not only will you find an adorable not so small village with plenty opportunities to try Alsace wine, there are three religious buildings in Guebwiller for you to enjoy: the 12th century St Leger, the 15th century Dominican monaster, and Alsace's oldest abbey originally built in the 700s (a short drive or an hour's walk away). Not too mention you'll have a town full of shops and restaurants!


8 miles/13 km

Eguisheim is a very unique wine road village because it was built in circles (one circle inside another circle inside another circle, etc...) and inside those circles are some adorable little cobblestone streets just perfect for taking photographs. And then there's the wine, there are over thirty wine makers in this village!


10 miles/15 km

Murbach abbey was a very powerful Benedictine abbey built in the 700s. Like most things built at this time, not all of it has survived, but there is still a bit to see. And it's a little less than 4 miles or 6 km away (one hour's walk) from Guebwiller plus there's a ruined castle about half way to Murbach in Buhl. In any case you'll get some beautiful scenery in the valley surrounded by mountains.

The Ecomusee

10 miles/15 km

If you've ever wanted to see what an Alsatian village looked like in the late 1800s, here's your chance! You'll see a working oil mill, potters, a wine maker's house, a blacksmith, a barrelmaker and more plus all the usual animals you would expect. Kids usually love this outdoor museum. All of the buildings have been moved from their original location but are real (from 15th to 19th century).


11 miles/18 km

Colmar is a medium sized town right in the middle of Alsace. It's on many many people's list of "most beautiful towns in France". The wine business made a lot of people wealthy during the late medieval period so there are a lot of beautiful and unique buildings to look at in Colmar.


12 miles/19 km

Turckheim is a beautiful little village on the Alsace Wine Road with a train station! So you can drink as much as you can want... Turckheim has a particular tradition that it has continued (with only two stops) for hundreds years. The Nightwatchman makes his rounds (May 1st to Oct 31st) at 10pm every night.


14 miles/22 km

You'll probably pass Ammerschwihr on your way from Turckehim to Kaysersberg and you will definitely see it! It's the one with the huge tower (the Schelmenturm)... If you stop by, you'll have a choice of over 40 wine makers to choose from as you wander through the village. And for those of you who love to golf...

Looking for a Rouffach Hotel?

Hotel du Bollenberg

A family owned and run modern style Rouffach hotel in the middle of the vineyards (actually between Rouffach and another village called Westhalten). Nice quiet rooms with views are modern and mostly on the small side. Spa services, sauna and steam room available. Good restaurant just across the street. Breakfast and parking available.

Au Relais d'Alsace

Modern style hotel amongst the fields and vineyards near Rouffach. Simple and smallish rooms all on the ground floor with their own separate entrance and patio. Spa services and basic restaurant with breakfast available. WiFi and parking too.

Chateau d'Isenbourg

If you are looking for a four star Rouffach hotel, this is for you! Set in a 19th century renovation of a former castle, you'll find everything here. Spa services, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, fantastic views, great food and air conditioned rooms. But it's not for the budget minded. Definitely a luxury hotel with prices to match.

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