Train Travel in Alsace France

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Tickets

train running through alsace france

Have you considered train travel in Alsace France?

If you're planning to stay in one of the bigger cities in Alsace and make maybe one or two day trips, then there are a lot of possibilities if you want to take the train.

But you don't have to stay in a big city...

Every village on the wine road doesn't have a train stop nearby, but you would be surprised how many do.

And if you want to go for a bike ride amongst the vineyards, you've got even more choices, because there are a lot of villages that are only a few miles away from a train stop.

The train system in Alsace (TER Alsace) allows bikes on its trains. Just look for the bike symbol on a few of the train cars. That's where you'll need to put your bikes.

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It's just so much easier taking the train in Alsace if your itinerary allows for it.

Although you will need to keep track of what time it is and when your train is coming (especially if they don't come very often).

And Alsace is a particularly great region for traveling by train because it's so're rarely more than an hour or two away (at the most) from your destination.

Like I said earlier you can't reach every adorable village or historic site by taking the train unfortunately. But take a look at what you can do below and see if any of these interesting places to visit in Alsace appeal to you...

You'll find a list of interesting towns and villages with train stations perfect for taking the train in Alsace here.

And if you're looking for more detailed information on the towns and villages in Alsace with train stops, you'll find even more info here...

What's great about train travel in Alsace is:

  • No maps, GPSs, or getting lost
  • You can relax on the train, read or enjoy the scenery
  • Most importantly (if you're only going to make a few short trips) it's less expensive than renting a car

medium sized train station in alsace france

Train Stations and Train Stops in Alsace

Some of the towns and villages will have actual train stations with someone behind a ticket counter and a few taxis outside...

And some of them are just train stops. They might have a public restroom and an automatic train ticket machine because they are very small villages and don't really need anything bigger.

very small train station in alsace france

But it'll be no problem for you because you'll have your train schedule with you already, right?

If you find yourself at one of the few train stops with no automatic ticket machine, just get on the train when it arrives. A ticket checker will come by and sell you a ticket. Just tell them where you want to get off the train.

Most likely they know there's no train ticket machine at that train stop.

And if you have your train ticket before you get on the train, remember to get it stamped at the little yellow post!

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