Suzele's Guide to Alsace

You Know...There's a Lot More to Alsace Than Just the Wine Road...

You could say I've been writing this guide to Alsace for the last 14+ years.

That's when I started this little 300+ page website...

If you think the website is helpful and useful for planning your trip to Alsace, you will LOVE Strasbourg and the Northern Back Roads of Alsace!

I want you to experience the real Alsace, not just the touristy parts with massive hordes of tour bus groups.

But finding the real Alsace requires a lot of research unless...

Someone else does it for me! : )

Hi, I'm Suzele and I'm here to help you create a more interesting, one of a kind trip to Alsace France. There is a lot of useful information that you can use to plan your trip yourself... or... I can do ALL the work for you on a private tour made just for you!

I'm just trying to find some information about Alsace - most books on France have about 2 pages or maybe 8.

This guide has TONS of information about food, places to go, getting around - it's extremely enticing and also easy to read.

And really, it isn't just about north of Strasbourg, though there's a lot of great info about places you would absolutely never know about otherwise, unless you had a WWII history buff in the family. And even then...

Sara Wood-Kraft, California USA

What Sort of Things Would Make Your Travel Planning Easier in Strasbourg?

  • Strasbourg and interesting small towns and villages in Northern Alsace. 75% doable without a car, so you can choose to rent a car or just use the local train system.


  • The restaurants that Strasbourg locals never go to and their favorite local hangouts, so every meal is a great one.
  • The info you need to plan how much time you should spend in Strasbourg for your interests, so you can go off the beaten track or go full out tourist with this guide to Alsace.


  • Interesting neighborhoods in Strasbourg that tourists don't visit but should, so you can feel more like a local and maybe see some too.
  • Great places to eat in Strasbourg organized by neighborhood, so you can find something great to eat nearby. No more crappy overpriced touristy food that you don't want.


  • A walking tour of Strasbourg organized by neighborhood, so you can do some or all of the neighborhoods when you want it with this guide to Alsace.

Dear Suzele
Thank you again - I am delighted with the wealth of information your guide to Alsace contains.

What a magnificent set of resources for both the planning and the holiday itself.

We intend coming to Strasbourg around 5th of September for at least a fortnight before heading south to chase the warmth. We live in the tropical north of Australia and find the cold difficult to deal with. 

Thank you again so much for such a generous presentation.
Best wishes
LInda, Australia

What Sort of Things Would Make Your Alsace Travel Planning Easier?

  • Great restaurants for every budget that you will love. Color coded according to style and organized by neighborhood, so you can make a decision quickly and get there fast.
  • When you really shouldn't come to Alsace (or at least it will create some headaches and how to avoid them).


  • Tips to save money, time and headaches on travel, banking and internet access in Alsace, so you have more fun on your vacation with this guide to Alsace.
  • The little details that could cause problems on your Alsace trip and how to avoid or handle them with ease.


  • The best time of the year to visit Alsace to suit your interests (you may be surprised on this one)
  • Maps, maps and MORE maps for walking around villages, towns and out in the countryside too! You can even zoom in on these maps on your tablet or phone.


  • In each and every chapter in this guide to Alsace, a place to send me questions about that chapter.


What If You Don't Want to Drive While You're on Vacation in Alsace?  

  • An entire chapter on Medieval castles you can visit (no hike, short hike and long hike options) and some of them don't require a car


  • 75% of this guide is doable without a car, so you have plenty of options whether you decide to rent a car or take the train.

But What If I Want to Visit the Alsace Wine Region Too?

  • Tips that only a local Alsace-obsessed wine collector would know, so you don't feel lost when tasting wine.


  • The proper etiquette for tasting wine at a winery in Alsace, so you feel confident and comfortable walking into a winery.


  • The single most important thing you need to know before you walk into a winery, so you don't make any unnecessary mistakes.

But I Don't Like the Usual Touristy Stuff

  • Alsace food for you to try that you didn't know existed, so you can find great dishes that you love (and that are loved by locals, not just tourists).


  • An entire chapter on World War Two sites that will satisfy any WW2 fanatics and are still interesting enough for the somewhat curious members of your family.


  • The Back Roads of Northern Alsace is a fascinating area that very few tourists visit, so you'll have a more authentic visit to Alsace.

What If I'm Travelling with Kids?

  • So many family friendly ideas in every chapter for children of every age that are also fun for mom and dad, so you don't have to sacrifice part of your trip and everyone has a great time.

I kinda feel like I should stop talking and just let you try out my guide to Strasbourg and the Back Roads of Northern Alsace. 


It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason it's not for you, I'll refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

And if there's something you don't understand or you just have a question about your trip, I really want you to send me a message.


Everything I do whether it's this guide or my tours or even something new in the future, I am always paying attention to what you need help with. 


So you might as well just tell me what you need help just makes more sense doesn't it? 


You get something you want and I know what you want!


Everyone's happy hahaha


In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing you in Alsace!

Can't wait to read your questions about your trip to Alsace inside this guide!


Hi Suzele! I bought and am now reading your guidebook. Even though I am only 1/3 of the way there, I already love it!

I had been having a really hard time finding guidebooks I liked solely on the Alsace region and this is perfect! 

Thank you!
Mia, USA

So, How Much is This Guide to Alsace?

not available at the moment

So nothing to download, and take up space on your tablet or phone.

All you need is the internet to access it.

Even more importantly, you have access to me in case you don't understand
something in the book or you just have a question about a certain chapter.
And every time I make a change to this guide, you'll see it immediately.

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