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Hi, I'm Suzele and I'm here to help you create a more interesting, one of a kind trip to Alsace France. There is a lot of useful information that you can use to plan your trip yourself... or... I can do ALL the work for you on a private tour made just for you!

GetAlsaced Reviews

Alsace Tours

It was a wonderful day - totally suited to my interests with a whole lot of new information to follow up and perhaps a new interest in wine - or at least in practising the art of wine tasting!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of Alsace. I look forward to returning for more!!

Best wishes,

Mary, Australia

Hi Suzele,

We had the most fantastic 2 days with you. From the storks, to the ancient towns, the battlefield of WW1, 2 amazing lunches, wine tastings that were just perfect.

Your knowledge and manner were exceptional.

The days passed very quickly and we have realised now looking back on the maps how much area we covered. We certainly have a better appreciation of the the region now.

Having travelled extensively and using guides in most localities I can say you rank with the best we have experienced.

Thank you so much - you made a difference to our time here.

Sandra and Janis, Australia

Monique and I both very much enjoyed our day with you. You offered many interesting insights and allowed us to just enjoy our time rather than worrying about where to go.

Hope your summer is busy and that you make many new friends!

Thanks again Suzele - hope to see you again.

John and Monique, Canada

Dear Suzele:

We can't stop talking about our trip.  Thanks to you, we ate delicious food in local restaurants, had spectacular wine tastings, avoided the tourist hordes while visiting charming Christmas markets, and learned a lot about Alsace history and traditions.  

It was a pleasure working with you to plan our time together and the way you paid attention to what interests us and created a trip that wasn't just perfect, but was perfect for us, means more to us than we can say. We can't imagine a better way to have visited the region.

Alix and Mitch, NYC

I had a wonderful time with you yesterday. Your knowledge and interesting stories made it so much more fun! Today I missed the stories that go with the villages.

Many cheers and thanks to you for making this trip so memorable!

Lisa, CA USA

While exploring options for our 2 days in Alsace Lorraine, I was intrigued by the website "Get Alsaced."  Ultimately I corresponded with Suzele, arranging for her to spend a day showing us scenic villages along the Wine Route.

Suzele knows Alsace, understood our priorities, and took us to places we would not have located ourselves--small villages, local restaurant, an independent grower's small winery, while noting architecture of interest along the way.  

Suzele is organized, relaxed and clearly loves where she lives. She listened to our interests and delivered! Enjoyable day.  

Jane, MI USA

We did enjoy our trip hugely, and you contributed a lot to that enjoyment. Thank you so much.

Laurel, CA USA

We had a fabulous trip and enjoyed our time touring Alsace with you.

Dale, NC USA

Oh, Suzele don't thank us - we thank you..  What a wonderful experience!  You are a beautiful person. 

It was a privilege to spend these three days with you.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your knowledge, your historical perspective, your anecdotal stories, your choice of restaurants, your sensitivity to your client's wishes. 

You are truly remarkable.  I hope I can bring you business as people are truly missing out if they don't experience Alsace with you. 

My love and best wishes,

Shirley, NE USA

We had a great trip and the day we spent touring the region with you was certainly one of the highlights.  

Thanks for everything, including being so kind, patient and flexible with our little ones. 

We are hoping to come back to Alsace at some point in the near future.  If and when we do, we will definitely be in touch. 


I think it was in May when I asked Suzele to show me the most scenic places of Alsace in one day where I can photograph. I was thinking Suzele would be an old lady and as far as she just shows me the places worthy for photography, it would be fine.

However, during the tour and in addition to the wonderful places, I also found a young and good-looking but extremely knowledgeable new friend who I enjoyed her companionship and learnt many things from her.

Eventually after a long time I could complete the post-processing and management of my photography set in Alsace and thought the very first thing I have to do is to thank my new knowledgeable friend, Suzele for such a great day.

So many thanks Suzele and very best wishes for you...

Sohail, UK

Sohail's Photography

Thanks for a great day...we are looking forward to all the great wine we purchased.

Brenda, Canada

Thanks again for a lovely day, we all really enjoyed ourselves!

Alison, Switzerland

Thank you - our day with you touring the wine road was one of the highlights of our trip!

Rhonda, Texas USA

Hi Suzele

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU again for being our guide last week. We had such a wonderful time and saw things we would of never seen if it weren't for you. I will refer anyone I know, who is coming to the Alsace area, to you for guidance. Thanks for making our vacation a perfect one.

Penny, KS USA


We had a wonderful time with you last week. Thank you so much for making our trip special, and showing us where the Brecheisen ancestors lived.

JC, Lacey and Kayla, KS USA

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Alsace Guide Books

Dear Suzele

Thank you again - I have successfully downloaded the guide book and the bonus files and am delighted with the wealth of information they contain.

What a magnificent set of resources for both the planning and the holiday itself.

We intend coming to Strasbourg around 5th September for at least a fortnight before heading south to chase the warmth. We live in the tropical north of Australia and find the cold difficult to deal with.

Thank you again so much for such a generous presentation.

Best wishes

Linda, Australia

I'm just trying to find some information about Alsace - most books on France have about 2 pages, or maybe 8.

This ebook has TONS of information about food, places to go, getting around - it's extremely enticing and also easy to read.

And really, it isn't just about north of Strasbourg, though there's a lot of great info about places you would absolutely never know about otherwise, unless you had a WWII history buff in the family. And even then...

Sara, CA USA

We have really enjoyed our GetAlsaced Travel Guide Book and all the information it has provided in helping us prepare for our 2 week excursion to the region in May 2014.

We have also engaged Suzele to provide us with an itinerary for our trip since there is so much to see and impossible to cover all of the highlights without some professional guidance.

She has provided us with an agenda for our travels there and we have also hired her as a personal guide for 2 days on the trip.

She has been most helpful, thorough and quick to respond to all of our detailed questions regarding how to get the most out of our time while visiting France.

Quite helpful as well with special hotel recommendations and restaurants that offer the types of cuisines and wines we enjoy.

The time she has saved us in preparation for our trip has been invaluable.

The book serves as an overview of the region and a great education in the history, culture and geography of Alsace.

We highly recommend her services and this book if you are considering a trip to this part of the world.

I might also add that I found the cost for this wonderful service quite modest.

Dale and Pam, NC USA

Hi Suzele! I bought and am now reading your guidebook. Even though I am only 1/3 of the way there, I already love it! I had been having a really hard time finding guidebooks I liked solely on the Alsace region and this is perfect! Thank you!

Mia, USA

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Alsace Genealogy Services

This is great! You were right, I would have been lost without your translation of the documents. Thank you. Well worth the price.

I am going to integrate this into my family tree, and then maybe get back to you to see what else you can find.

Cathy, NJ USA

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Alsace Travel Plans

For our very first trip to France we had 15 or so days to fill in - somewhere. We checked as much information as possible and two things became apparent - Michelin maps indicated great scenery in Alsace and GetAlaced seemed to know what outsiders needed to know without marrying one of the locals - sight unseen.

So onto Ms. Suzele (GOD I hope that is politically correct).

We filled out her questionnaire on what we wanted to see which was more about how the locals lived, their history (particularly before WW1 and WW2), how they lived, where they came from and what they did.

Wine and food of course entered the scene but it does not have to, for us, take over everything.

Suzele came up with a 5 day tour which should give us what we want, minus the tour bus crowds, with bonuses on where to eat and when.

We don't arrive until another month or so and we reserve our opinion until the tour is over.

If it does not work out, it is possibly our problem as we were late learners of the lingua Francaise - my schoolboy French cannot be blamed on my teacher who is still alive at 85 in Brisbane, Australia.

After Trip Report

We are now back in Australia after our self guided tour of Alsace courtesy of Suzele at GetAlsaced.

The information she provided was essential for our specific tour and we had a wonderful time there. In fact, there wasn't a day that we wished we had not got out of bed.

The hardest part was the continental breakfast at 8:30 - 9:00 with half the day gone - but, hey, when in Alsace do as the Alsatians do and chill-out at the start of the day.

We didn't get to see all on our program but there was enough flexibility to allow us to choose that option.

The main thing on what not to do was not included in our tour notes - for non-French speaking people, do not rent a manual car. You don't a spare hand to communicate with the local drivers.

Thanks Suzele.

Kev and Lyn, Australia

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