Looking for Hotels in Bergheim?

Village of Bergheim in Alsace France

Looking at hotels in Bergheim might be a good idea if you would like to stay in a large, but quiet village with plenty of cobblestoned roads to walk down...

And of course restaurants to visit and wine to drink too!

Bergheim is a beautiful wine road village full of old medieval buildings and an almost fully intact medieval city wall built between 1300 and 1500 (which is rare and impressive).

And if you have never seen an almost thousand year old linden tree, you'll find one if you stay in one of the hotels in Bergheim.

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about hotels in Bergheim France...

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Daytrips from Hotels in Bergheim

Looking at hotels in Bergheim is a good move if you want to be close to the really popular (and sometimes crowded) attractions in Alsace...

You'll need a car of course unless you enjoy biking, have a lot of stamina and not too much luggage.

Hotels in Bergheim are a great choice for families or couples because there is so much to do and see nearby for everyone...

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Bergheim.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


3 miles/4 km

If you've already started researching where to go in Alsace, you've probably heard of Ribeauvillé. It's a beautiful wine road village with lots of medieval buildings, restaurants, shops and wine. I think Ribeauvillé is a great place to visit, although I have no idea why it is more popular than other wine road villages that are just as beautiful. There are also three castles above Ribeauvillé that you can hike up to and back in three hours if you're interested...


4 miles/6 km

If you find yourself in Riquewihr or that area of the Wine Road in Alsace and you want to get away from the crowds, head over to Hunawihr. It's right next door to Riquewihr and it's beautiful and quiet. You'll find great wine and scenery in a quiet and peaceful setting.


5 miles/8 km

Kintzheim (not Kientzheim) is a pretty little wine road village in Alsace, but your kids probably aren't going to let you sit around and taste wine until you've taken them to Monkey Mountain (Montagne des Singes), the Birds of Prey show (Volerie des Aigles) and Cigoland which are just ten minutes away. And while you're at the Birds of Prey show you can tour the 13th century Kintzheim castle.

Birds of Prey Show

5 miles/8 km

Watching large birds of prey inside the courtyard of a ruined castle (that you can explore either before or after the show) is a great idea for older children (over 10). The younger ones are usually a little scared. It's all in French, but you don't need much translation for this show and it's very close to Monkey Mountain!


5 miles/8 km

Riquewihr is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France because visiting Riquewihr is like stepping hundreds of years back into history. Somehow this wine road village managed to survive through countless wars (including World War Two) unscathed. So enjoy it, but remember that there are a lot of other people planning to visit Riquewihr with you especially around July, August, and December.


7 miles/11 km

Selestat is a small town or a very large village in Alsace that's famous for its 15th century library which contains 70,000 books and documents from the 7th to 16th century and was a part of the medieval Latin School founded in Selestat in 1441. But it's also a beautiful town to wander around in on your Alsace vacation. Check out the Tuesday morning market if you have time...

Haut Koenigsbourg

7 miles/11 km

The Haut Koenigsbourg castle was originally built in 1147 in the Vosges mountains. Like many castles it was enlarged a number of times and updated to deal with changes in warfare. But like most castles in Alsace, it was severely damaged in the Thirty Years War in the 1600s, but it was also fully restored in the 1900s. Haut Koenigsbourg will give you a very clear picture of life in a medieval castle in Alsace.

Looking for Hotels in Bergheim?

La Cour du Bailli Residence Hoteliere

Lovely hotel in beautiful historic old buildings with very nicely decorated rooms. Indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Spa services available as well. Great restaurant. Free parking and WiFi available.

Le Domaine des Rois

Just a very short walk from the entrance to the village is Le Domaine des Rois which is actually an apartment hotel. Many different room and apartment sizes available (all with stovetop, microwave and dishwasher). Covered swimming pool, sauna and a small fitness center.

Hotel Chez Norbert

Nicely decorated rooms in beautiful historic old buildings. Great restaurant and wine. Perfect choice for a romantic weekend. Beautiful courtyard. Described as "enchanted" and "like a fairytale cottage" by others.

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