Need Help with Your Alsace Travel Plans?

Hire your own personal Alsace expert
for your Alsace vacation!

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with your Alsace travel plans?

Would you like someone else to do all the work for you? How about someone who knows Alsace REALLY well ; )

Sure you can do it yourself, but it takes a lot of time and effort. And I'm sure you have PLENTY of other important things to do already!

If you really want a no worries Alsace trip, consider my Alsace private tours where I do all the planning and you just sit back and enjoy yourself : )

I can recommend hotels and accommodation for you.

Your biggest worry will be which great restaurant I recommended to reserve for dinner!

You wouldn't believe the hours I've spent out in Alsace doing field research, visiting shops, restaurants, historic sites, museums, and just walking and driving all over Alsace.

Most of my research is in French by the way, sometimes in German.

So if you want to see the "Alsace" that NOT EVEN ALL the locals know about, you're going to need some help.

Let me create your own personalized Alsace Travel Plans just for you.

You can read more about it below...

Alsace Travel Planning Services

What sorts of things do I need to know about you to plan and take you on a fantastic tour of Alsace?

  • What sorts of foods do you love? And hate? (it's important too ; )
  • What sorts of wines do you love? Do you love stronger alcohols too?
  • Do you love history? Just a little or a lot? Lots of details or just a little?
  • What sort of accommodation do you prefer? Something luxurious or simple?
  • Do you like walking around a lot or just a little walking?

Just a few questions to get you thinking about what's possible : )

I'll have more questions of course. In fact I'll want to know about everyone in your group too!

Think of it as hiring someone to do all the work for you so you don't have to.

If you have the time, you can prepare for your upcoming trip to Alsace or not. It's your choice. And after you arrive, I'm there to answer all your questions (I can usually answer about 90% of them anyway : )

This is a very specialized service that requires a good bit of time to organize,
so please contact me as early as possible
to make sure that I will be available to take on your project.

The fees vary according to the length of your time here in Alsace.

It will be in the 300+ euro range.

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