Marlenheim and
the Couronne d'Or

Marlenheim is a good choice if you want to make an easy day trip from Strasbourg out to the Alsace wine road.

Because it is part of the Couronne d'Or which is a group of 19 little wine villages: Kirchheim, Wangen, Nordheim, Dahlenheim, Osthoffen, Odratzheim, Westhoffen, Scharrachbergheim, Balbronn, Traenheim, Bergbieten, Dagolsheim, Soultz les Bains, Ergersheim, Wolxheim, Avolsheim.

And they're all about half an hour from Strasbourg by car (but unfortunately none of these villages have train stations).

If you're looking for a quiet Alsace vacation amongst the vineyards surrounded by tiny little villages, you'll be in heaven here.

And for those of you looking to do some horseback riding on the wine road, Wangen has a horse farm that offers short or very long horse rides for those interested...

And Soultz les Bains (as you would expect) is the source of a natural spring where you can relax at a spa...

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about Marlenheim France and the Couronne d'Or...

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Alsace Day Trips from Marlenheim France

Marlenheim and the 18 tiny villages surrounding it are a part of northern Alsace and about half an hour from Strasbourg, but these villages are also close to a number of interesting things to do in central Alsace.

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Marlenheim.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


7 miles/12 km

Molsheim is best known as the home of Bugatti. You can still tour the Bugatti Foundation in Molsheim or you can go just next door to Dorlisheim where their new Bugatti car factory is now located. But Molsheim is still a wine road village and its medieval city walls are still standing...right next to vineyards even!


8 miles/12 km

Other than being just another adorable village in Alsace, you can find the oldest (and still standing) basilica in Alsace in Marmoutier. It was originally built in the 600s. Of course it's been repaired and enlarged over the centuries, but it's still a rare find. You can tour its cellars by reservation.


9 miles/14 km

Mutzig is a small wine producing village in Alsace near Molsheim that is probably more famous for its beer than wine (although it has some excellent wine as well). And for those of you who love military history, there is the Kaiser Wilhelm II fort (begun in 1893) by the German Empire. If World War One history appeals to you, this might be a good stop for you.


11 miles/18 km

Rosheim is one of the few villages in Alsace that wasn't severely damaged in the Thirty Years War in the 1600s, so there are a lot of beautiful old buildings still intact. One of those beautiful old buildings is the "Pagan House" the oldest residential building in Alsace still standing. Rosheim is also a wine road village if you want a little wine with your history on your Alsace vacation...


12 miles/19 km

Saverne has a very long and interesting history. There have been people living here since the Celts. You'll find remnants from the Celts and the Romans as well as a chateau and a medieval castle all within walking distance of each other.



13 miles/22 km

Just in case you didn't already know...Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace. It has a gothic cathedral that you can climb to the top of (if you think you've got what it takes), 16th and 17th century historic neighborhoods, at least 12 museums, shopping, and everything else


15 miles/23 km

Obernai is a small town or very large village on the wine road. They've been making wine for over 13 centuries now (starting in the 700s at least). If you loved Colmar, you will really love Obernai! It's a very beautiful town and the vineyards are much closer than in Colmar. Obernai is also the birthplace of the patron saint of Alsace, Sainte Odile.

Looking for Hotels in Marlenheim France?

Le Cerf

If you love food, than Hotel Le Cerf might be worth a stop for you because it's also the home of the well known and starred restaurant Le Cerf. Not for anyone looking to save money, but far away from the prices you would find in a similar restaurant in Paris. Charming Alsatian buildings with either contemporary or old fashioned decor. Wonderful breakfast. Air conditioned and WiFi. Parking available.

Hostellerie Reeb

If you're looking for more of a mid range hotel, the Hostellerie Reeb might be more your type. Beautiful Alsatian buildings and old fashioned rooms in the heart of Marlenheim. WiFi, breakfast and parking available.

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