Hotels in Obernai Alsace

Obernai Alsace is a beautiful little town...

Too big to be a village, but still small enough to enjoy walking through, Obernai is a great place to stay if you would like to base yourself in something a little larger than a village.

And Obernai has a train station. You can easily get from any of the accommodation in Obernai to the train station and back in about 15 minutes by foot.

But unlike bigger cities like Colmar and Strasbourg, you'll still be on the wine road in Obernai Alsace.

If you decide to drive or rent a car, you'll be a few minutes away from so many attractions in Alsace! It doesn't matter if your preferences run more to World War Two history, hiking up to medieval castles or walking through vineyards and wine tasting, you'll enjoy your stay in Obernai.

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about Obernai hotels and Alsace...

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Daytrips from a Hotel in Obernai Alsace

For me, I see Alsace as being more of an environment to be in more than many different destinations to go to and Obernai Alsace is a fantastic environment to be in!

You'll find medieval city walls, beautiful Alsatian architecture, wonderful little shops to wander through and a variety of restaurants to choose from...

And when you've seen all you want to see in Obernai Alsace, there is much more to do and see less than half an hour away.

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Obernai.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


3 miles/5 km

Ottrot is a beautiful wine village in Alsace with quite a lot of castle ruins if you're interested... It's also the closest village to Mont Sainte Odile and you can walk to it in about an hour or drive. Ottrot is also famous for its Pinot Noir (they've been making it since the 1100s).


4 miles/6 km

Rosheim is one of the few villages in Alsace that wasn't severely damaged in the Thirty Years War in the 1600s, so there are a lot of beautiful old buildings still intact. One of those beautiful old buildings is the "Pagan House" the oldest residential building in Alsace still standing. Rosheim is also a wine road village if you want a little wine with your history on your Alsace vacation...


5 miles/8 km

After you pass Barr if you're on your way to Ottrot or Mont Saint Odile, you'll find the village of Heiligenstein. It's a pretty little wine village with one big difference. They produce Klevener de Heiligenstein wine (which can only be produced in that particular area). It's related to the Traminer family, so if you enjoy Gewurztraminer, you might want to try this historic variety in Alsace.


5 miles/8 km

Barr is a wine road village in Alsace that attracts fewer tourists AND has a train station, but it's not because it's not a beautiful little village with adorable winding cobblestone streets. So if you are looking for a quieter Alsace vacation, Barr might be for you.


7 miles/10 km

Molsheim is best known as the home of Bugatti. You can still tour the Bugatti Foundation in Molsheim or you can go just next door to Dorlisheim where their new Bugatti car factory is now located. But Molsheim is still a wine road village and its medieval city walls are still standing...right next to vineyards even!


7 miles/10 km

Mittelbergheim (like Riquewihr) is one of the most beautiful villages in France, but there are a lot less tourists here. Between Andlau and Barr you'll find some of the best Sylvaner wine (and many other grape varieties) in a quiet and peaceful setting.


8 miles/13 km

Andlau has been making wine since Roman times when retired Roman legionaires started planting vineyards here. If you love old medieval houses, you'll see lots of them here in Andlau and if you're in the mood it's only a half day hike (3 hours average there and back) up to see two medieval castles (Haut Andlau and Spesbourg). And when you get back you'll have a good excuse to sit back and try some Alsace wine on your Alsace vacation!

Looking for Accommodation in Obernai Alsace?

Le Parc Hotel Restaurant & Spa

If you don't mind staying just a bit outside of the center of Obernai (15 minutes), you might want to consider the Hotel Le Parc. But it's not just a four star hotel...they also have a spa, two restaurants (one French, one Alsatian), an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, saunas, hammams, jacuzzis, spa and beauty treatments, and even a small bowling alley. Horseback riding and tennis very close by.

Hotel a la Cour d'Alsace

Here's a lovely four star hotel right in the middle of the historic center of Obernai Alsace. Elegantly furnished rooms (some with air conditioning) in beautiful historic buildings. And a spa (indoor swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzis, hammams). There is parking, but not much (normal in historic areas).

Hotel le Colombier

A lovely three star hotel in the old medieval quarters of Obernai, the Hotel le Colombier has a more modern, contemporary interior design. A great choice if you would like access to spa treatments without big hotel room prices. Fitness room, sauna, WiFi and parking available.

Hotel le Gouverneur

If you're looking to save a little money, but still want to stay in one of those charming, old Alsatian buildings, the Hotel le Gouverneur will appeal to you. This cute little two star hotel will offer you breakfast and parking for a fee, but WiFi is free. And all within (literally) the medieval city walls of Obernai Alsace.

Hotel la Diligence

Here's a cute little family owned hotel in a beautiful old Alsatian building right in the middle of historic Obernai Alsace. Great for anyone looking to save a little money on their Alsace vacation. Breakfast and parking available. Wifi is free.

Hotel des Vosges

The Hotel des Vosges is just across the street from the train station in Obernai. A great location if you're taking the train. And parking is included in the price of your room. This hotel offers the basics, a nice, clean room with parking, WiFi, and breakfast available.

Hotel De La Cloche

Just across the street from Hotel la Diligence, the Hotel de la Cloche is right in the middle of Obernai Alsace. Rooms are simple and air conditioned in this historic 14th century building. Breakfast and parking are available. Wifi is free. Alsatian restaurant on the premises.

Hotel les Jardins d'Adalric

Hotel les Jardins d'Adalric is a three star hotel about a 15 minute walk from the historic center of Obernai. Simple, air conditioned rooms with WiFi. Parking and breakfast available. And a very large outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts play area for children.

Hotel Sainte Odile

Here's a cute little two star hotel in Obernai Alsace in a beautiful old historic building. Rooms are simple and the hotel is in a pedestrian zone so no parking right next to the hotel. WiFi and breakfast available.

Le Pavillon 7

If you like the Hotel le Colombier in Obernai Alsace, you'll be just as happy with Le Pavillon 7 because they are both owned by the same company (and they are next door to each other). Le Pavillon 7 is more of an apartment hotel for groups of 2 to 4 people. And you'll have free access to the spa services of the Hotel le Colombier too!

Les Geraniums

Les Geraniums is a part of Villages Vacances de France which is a company similar to Centre Parks in Europe. They offer small 2, 4 and 6 person apartments (with small kitchens) for very reasonable prices. You can choose to cook in your apartment or eat some meals in the restaurant. Lots of space for children to run around and play available including specific play areas and tennis courts. They also have kids clubs for every age from 3 to 17. Less than a mile outside of the center of Obernai Alsace (15 minute walk).

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