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Alsace villages in Wintzenheim in France

Staying in Wintzenheim hotels is one way to really save some money in Alsace...

It is a wine road village in its own right...it's been around for a long time just like all of the other villages on the wine road.

You can even do wine tastings and walk around the historic area of the village...

But it's also become a suburb of Colmar and you may notice that it is a bit large and has lots of shopping centers for a village.

You'll be close to grocery stores and the sorts of stores you will find in shopping areas in France, but you will be less than a mile from a train stop to take you wherever you want to go...

And inexpensive chain hotels are easier to find in an area like this.

So Wintzenheim hotels are very practical...and you'll save a lot of money...

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about Wintzenheim hotels and France…

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Daytrips from Wintzenheim Hotels

Choosing Wintzenheim hotels will save you some money and still keep you near so many beautiful villages!

Walking and biking will be an easy option for you because you'll be very close to quite a few villages and there's a train station less than a mile away.

Wintzenheim hotels are perfect for those of you who plan to spend very little time in your hotel room...

And remember to make a stop by a local shopping center here...it can be a cultural experience in its own right too!

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Wintzenheim.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


2 miles/3 km

Turckheim is a beautiful little village on the Alsace Wine Road with a train station! So you can drink as much as you can want... Turckheim has a particular tradition that it has continued (with only two stops) for hundreds years. The Nightwatchman makes his rounds (May 1st to Oct 31st) at 10pm every night.


3 miles/5 km

Eguisheim is a very unique wine road village because it was built in circles (one circle inside another circle inside another circle, etc...) and inside those circles are some adorable little cobblestone streets just perfect for taking photographs. And then there's the wine, there are over thirty wine makers in this village!


5 miles/7 km

Colmar is a medium sized town right in the middle of Alsace. It's on many many people's list of "most beautiful towns in France". The wine business made a lot of people wealthy during the late medieval period so there are a lot of beautiful and unique buildings to look at in Colmar.


6 miles/9 km

You'll probably pass Ammerschwihr on your way from Turckehim to Kaysersberg and you will definitely see it! It's the one with the huge tower (the Schelmenturm)... If you stop by, you'll have a choice of over 40 wine makers to choose from as you wander through the village. And for those of you who love to golf...


7 miles/11 km

Kientzheim (not Kintzheim) is a beautiful little wine road village near Kaysersberg and it's also home to the Confrerie de Saint Etienne and their Alsatian Wine museum. If you want to learn more about the history of Alsatian wine and how it was produced, you might want to stop by.


8 miles/13 km

Munster is a small town or very large village in a valley in the Vosges mountains that you can get to by train! It's also the birthplace of Munster cheese. You can taste Munster cheese anywhere in Alsace, but if you want some fresh locally made cheese, you'll have to visit the Munster valley (and you can see how it's made too).


8 miles/13 km

Kaysersberg is a just as beautiful medieval wine road village as Riquewihr with the added bonus of a ruined castle only a 15 minute hike away. The photo at the very top of this webpage was taken in Kaysersberg to give you an idea. So if you want to avoid the crowds in Riquewihr, Kaysersberg might be a good choice for your Alsace vacation. And it's the birthplace of Albert Schweitzer too.

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B&B Colmar-Wintzenheim-Logelbach

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