Looking for Villé Hotels?

flowers in a window box in the village of Ville in Alsace France

When I'm talking about Villé hotels, there's much more to it than just one village.

This village is the largest one of a group of 18 villages in Alsace called the Val de Villé  and they all together offer quite a lot for you on your Alsace vacation.

Particularly if you are interested in farm fresh foods like cheeses, jams, honey and everything else you might find at a small farmhouse inn serving lunch and dinner.

This group of villages in Alsace is situated in a valley in the Vosges mountains so you'll find lots of mountain related activities like horseback riding, mountain climbing and one of the largest ski areas in Alsace.

So if you're looking for snow, you'll probably find it in here in the winter!

But you'll also find distilleries making and selling (and letting you taste) whiskeys, fruit brandies and fruit liqueurs.

Hopefully you'll find everything that you need to know about Villé hotels and Alsace…

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Alsace Daytrips from Villé Hotels

If you're looking at Villé hotels, you're going to need a car...

Villé and the other 17 villages in the Val de Villé don't have train stations unfortunately, but many of them are very close to each other.

And for those of you looking for more reasonably priced hotels, Val de Villé hotels could be a good choice for you!

In fact there are quite a few organized scenic hikes (that you can find out about in at the Villé tourist office) from one village to another that are only a few hours round trip if you choose to stay in one of the Val de Villé hotels...

And although Villé is in a valley in the Vosges mountains, it's still not far from many other interesting attractions in Alsace.

Distances given are the approximate distances from the center of Villé.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.

Dambach la Ville*

8 miles/13 km

Dambach la Ville is the sort of Alsace wine village where you can walk around anywhere and see something really beautiful, medieval city walls and gates, beautiful old homes and a very interesting chapel. And there is a train station, so you can try one of the 30 wine producers in Dambach la Ville without renting a car!


9 miles/14 km

Scherwiller is known for its Riesling, so if you're a fan, you'll want to stop by. Speaking of which, Scherwiller has a train station so you can drink to your heart's content! And you can make a 45 minute walk to two castles, the Ortenbourg and Ramstein from the village.

Birds of Prey Show

9 miles/14 km

Watching large birds of prey inside the courtyard of a ruined castle (that you can explore either before or after the show) is a great idea for older children (over 10). The younger ones are usually a little scared. It's all in French, but you don't need much translation for this show and it's very close to Monkey Mountain!


10 miles/16 km

Selestat is a small town or a very large village in Alsace that's famous for its 15th century library which contains 70,000 books and documents from the 7th to 16th century and was a part of the medieval Latin School founded in Selestat in 1441. But it's also a beautiful town to wander around in on your Alsace vacation. Check out the Tuesday morning market if you have time...


10 miles/16 km

Mittelbergheim (like Riquewihr) is one of the most beautiful villages in France, but there are a lot less tourists here. Between Andlau and Barr you'll find some of the best Sylvaner wine (and many other grape varieties) in a quiet and peaceful setting.


10 miles/16 km

Andlau has been making wine since Roman times when retired Roman legionaires started planting vineyards here. If you love old medieval houses, you'll see lots of them here in Andlau and if you're in the mood it's only a half day hike (3 hours average there and back) up to see two medieval castles (Haut Andlau and Spesbourg). And when you get back you'll have a good excuse to sit back and try some Alsace wine on your Alsace vacation!

Monkey Mountain

11 miles/18 km

If you're travelling with kids of any age, here's something fun for them...feeding monkeys at a monkey sanctuary near Haut Koenigsbourg! It's a great way to spend a few hours of your Alsace vacation. Then you can head on over to the Birds of Prey Show nearby.

Looking for Villé Hotels?

Logis la Bonne Franquette

Here's a nice little hotel (with only 10 rooms) in a charming Alsatian building in the center of Villé. The perfect location for a trip to the local market every Wednesday. Clean rooms, reasonable hotel rates. Friendly customer service. Breakfast, WiFi and parking available.

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