Emile Herzog in Turckheim: Warm and Welcoming

by Suzele

In Alsace there are so many opportunities to taste good wine...even great wine...

But a great wine tasting (at least for me) is about more than just the wine.

The experience of trying different wines is the reason to be there of course, but a welcoming host who delights in sharing his or her wines with you is a special treat.

And a wine tasting with Madame Herzog is a very special treat whether you are very familiar with Alsace wine or not...

She thoroughly enjoys sharing her wine with others.

And she has some very good wine to share with you, so I highly recommend you take the time to meet her and try her wine.

Important Information to Know

Emile Herzog is a very small wine producer in Alsace that is family owned and family run, so you will need to make an appointment to visit them.

During the week, wine tastings are in French only (Mme Herzog is a charming host and will do everything she can to communicate with you despite the language barrier)

Wine tastings in English can only be done on the weekends with the help of her sons (and I recommend that you contact them by email at least a week in advance).

The wine tasting is free, but each member of your group is expected to buy a few bottles at least...

But after the wine tasting, you'll WANT to buy more than a few!!

Contact Information

You can email them in French or English.
Click here to send Emile Herzog Wines an email.

Or you can call in French.
03 89 27 08 79 (in France)
00 33 389 27 08 79 (outside of France)

Emile Herzog Wines is a very short walk from the large parking lot in Turckheim.

28, rue du Florimont

They are located outside of the old town, literally just down the street that passes in front of the parking lot.

You should be able to find it easily with a map or GPS.

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by: Joost

It is great to see that others fell in love with Madame Herzog also.

For us it is like visiting a beloved aunt, and take home some of the finest wines that exist !

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