Cleebourg France

Alsace village houses in Cleebourg in France

Cleebourg France is one of the northern wine road villages in Alsace.

The Wine Road in Alsace for the most part is one long crooked line of villages from Marlenheim in the north to Thann in the south...

But there is another part of the Alsatian wine road just outside of Wissembourg.

It is the largest of these villages (but Riedseltz has a train station). The others are Rott, Steinseltz and Oberhoffen.

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Day Trips from Cleebourg France

Cleebourg France is part of the Alsatian wine road...

But it's actually located very close to the northern Alsace border, so it's a great place to stay if you're interested in wine and northern Alsace (lots of castles, mountain views, military history and Alsatian culture very nearby).

If you want to get away from the crowds (and off the beaten tourist path), it is a good choice for a peaceful and quiet Alsace vacation.

All distances given are the approximate distance from the center of Cleebourg France.

Villages with a * have a train stop or train station.


5 miles/8 km

Wissembourg is a charming small town on the northern Alsace border. It's just as charming and beautiful as the more famous villages on the wine road. In fact, there are a few wine road villages very close by if you're interested!

The Maginot Line

(1) 5 miles/8 km (2) 5 miles/8 km

Fort Schoenenbourg (1) and Four à Chaux (2) are two forts on the Maginot Line in Alsace that are open to the public. There are a lot of bunkers and other buildings that were a part of the Maginot Line on the northern Alsace border as well...

Hunspach* and Seebach

(1) 5 miles/8 km (2) 8 miles/12 km

Hunspach (1) and Seebach (2) are two very beautiful Alsatian villages known for being very Alsatian. Seebach has a summer festival that recreates a traditional Alsatian wedding. It attracts tens of thousands of people every year. Both villages are very proud of their Alsatian heritage and display it prominently.


11 miles/17 km

Fleckenstein is an unusual castle built in the 12th century. It's so unusual mainly because quite a lot of the castle was carved out of rock...including staircases! It's very kid friendly with lots to see and do.

Betschdorf and Soufflenheim

(1) 14 miles/22 km (2) 17 miles/27 km

If you're interested in seeing more of that adorable Alsatian pottery, you need to make a trip to Betschdorf (1) and Soufflenheim (2). First off, you can visit the artists themselves and possibly find something unique and original. Not to mention that these villages have been producing pottery since Roman times.

Niederbronn les Bains*

17 miles/28 km

Niederbronn les Bains as you might guess from the name is the source of a natural mineral spring. People have been coming here since Roman times. If you've never been to a French natural spring, here's your chance to relax a little and experience something new and different...


18 miles/28 km

Haguenau was an important village in the high middle ages (1100s-1300s). The Holy Roman Emperor at the time Frederick Barbarossa built city walls, a castle and many other buildings. Like most of Alsace, many buildings were destroyed by Louis XIV and the 30 Years War but like most of Alsace there is still a lot to see.

Where to Stay in Cleebourg France

Hotel au Tilleul

The Hotel au Tilleul is a simple little hotel like many others that you'll find in Alsace. Family owned and run, offering clean simple rooms in a charming little wine village. This is the real deal. Non touristy village and a non touristy hotel for those of you looking to try something a little different.

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