Your Strasbourg Holiday

What to Do in and around Strasbourg France

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You've decided to take a Strasbourg holiday...

So what are you going to do in Strasbourg? Where are you going to stay in Strasbourg? And what other interesting things are there to do in Alsace?

The capital of Alsace is not a cute little village, but it has other advantages. There's plenty of interesting things to do no matter what your interests are!

We've got you covered.

And if you don't want to waste your time looking for information, I'm happy to help you out with my guide book on Strasbourg and the areas in northernmost Alsace!

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Hi, I'm Suzele and I'm here to help you create a more interesting, one of a kind trip to Alsace France. There is a lot of useful information that you can use to plan your trip yourself... or... I can do ALL the work for you on a private tour made just for you!

Your Strasbourg Holiday: Strasbourg for Beginners

The Strasbourg Cathedral: Our Lady of Strasbourg (Notre Dame de Strasbourg)

If you've never been to a cathedral, the Strasbourg cathedral is fantastic! The tourist office is very near by so stop in and get some info in English (and other languages) if you need it.

There is a separate entrance on the right side where you can pay a few euros for the privilege of walking to a very high point on the roof of the cathedral.

You can also pay a small fee to see the astronomical clock do its thing at 12:30pm. You can look at it any other time for free, but 12:30pm is when it does all of its rotations. Get there early for a good viewing if it's the weekend, the summer, or Christmas time.

The Boat Tour

You'll find a boat tour going on near the Palais de Rohan (Rohan Palace). I recommend you buy tickets in advance (especially on weekends, during the summer or Christmas time).

It will take you around Strasbourg literally because the historic center of Strasbourg is separated from the rest of the city by the river Ill.

You'll see a lot of Strasbourg and learn a lot about Strasbourg on this river cruise including places that are a very long walk from the historic areas like the European Parliament.

La Petite France

La Petite France is a large historic district in Strasbourg. Most of the buildings are from the late medieval period and are quite beautiful.

You'll find lots of shops, restaurants and hotels along the canal area.

Most people who visit Strasbourg, come back with pictures of the cathedral and Petite France. It's adorable and charming, but nothing to compare with other parts of Alsace.

The Museums in Strasbourg

If you love museums, you'll love Strasbourg. There are quite a few to choose from...

If you want to know more about Strasbourg and Alsace's most ancient history, check out the Archaelogical Museum located in the Palais de Rohan. It goes from prehistory to 800 AD.

To learn more about Strasbourg's aristocracy and how they lived in the 18th century, go to the Palais de Rohan's Museum of Decorative Arts.

The Historical Museum of Strasbourg takes over where the Archaeological Museum leaves off (800 AD and on).

Find out more about Strasbourg and Alsace's cultural traditions and what life was like for Alsatians in the past at the Alsatian Museum.

And last but not least the Contemporary Art Museum if you love art from the different art movements of the 20th century.

Want to know more about all the interesting things to do in Strasbourg? Check out my guide book with 280+ pages full of ideas for Strasbourg and Northern Alsace!

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