Using Eurail passes in Alsace

by Diane

We will be based in Karlsruhe, Germany but would like to travel through Alsace.

The Eurail Germany and France pass and the Eurail Select Saver pass for up to 3 countries including France and Germany look like good deals for 2 or more people traveling together.

Can this pass be used on all trains in Alsace linking the small villages together?

Thank you

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Eurail Passes and Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Diane,

As far as I know you can use your Eurail pass on all trains (although there may be additional charges and other restrictions which I'll mention below)...

But the real question is whether you need a Eurail pass or not...

Usually Eurail passes (all sorts) are more expensive than the total cost to buy the tickets individually.

Also (not sure if you know about this or not) Eurail passes don't have priority over people who are holding individual tickets.

What that means is you are traveling on standby if you have a Eurail pass.

And sometimes you may be charged a supplement.

I can tell you that you really don't need a Eurail pass to travel in Alsace. It's a small region and train tickets are relatively inexpensive.

I recommend you check the individual ticket prices of your itinerary and see if it's any better than the Eurail pass.

It's entirely possible that the Eurail pass could be the better deal but it's not normally the case.

It is however very convenient.

So if convenience is very important to you and price is not a big deal then why not...

Hope it helps,

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