Taking Your Bike on the Train with You in Alsace

by Suzele

In Alsace, you can generally take your bike on the train with you.

This applies to regional TER trains...so that means trains travelling inside of Alsace...not to locations outside of Alsace...it's not a regional train if it leaves Alsace (except to Belfort, Basel, and a few other locations just outside the borders of Alsace)...

There is one caveat...if there is room for your bicycle on the train which is not likely to be a problem...

Although you may want to consider traveling at a time when it's less likely to be crowded on the train (morning and evening rush hour for example)

There are a few trains that DO NOT allow bikes here (mostly rush hour weekdays)...

Your bike is considered luggage and you are responsible for it at all times...

The TER Alsace website recommends that you get to the train station 20 minutes early so you'll have time to find room for yourself and your bike.

And the same goes for getting off the train...

Get yourself ready to get off the train before the train stops...(TER's recommendation)

Anyone else have experiences taking their bikes on the train in Alsace?

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