Schenkeles in Alsace

by Susan
(Royal Oak, Michigan, USA)

Both gramma and grandpa were from the Alsace province - Gramma from Haguenau and grandpa from Mulhouse. They came in the 1920s.

It was gramma's tradition every Christmas to make the Kugelhopf and the Schenkeles. When she died she passed the Kugelhopf mould to my mother (the youngest of her children) and mom gave it to me to continue the tradition.

The mould is well over 100 years old and still makes a wonderful cake (though nothing will ever be as great as gramma's cooking!)

Before gramma died she dictated to me the recipe for Kugelhopf, however I never got a chance to get the recipe for Schenkeles - Anyone out there have one??

Since I am second generation, I do not want the traditions to die and would love to pass on to my daughter, who is eager to learn, but I have nothing to pass on - Please if anyone can help??!!

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