Red, White, and Rose Wine in Alsace

by Mary

Do they produce any red and rose wines as well as whites in Alsace and if so what are they?

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Alphonse Meyer in Turckheim
by: Tom - Riverside CA

Just got back from Alsace a few weeks ago. We brought back one bottle of Rose wine from Alphonse Meyer vineyard in Turckheim. I've never been a big "Rose" fan, but this was exceptional.
It was gone in a matter of minutes. I wish I had brought back more.

Wine Club Ideas
by: Suzele

Just for an idea...

You could try one grape variety from different continents or extremely different areas.

Alsace wines in particular can be very different from the same thing in another country...

For example, Pinot gris vs Pinot Grigio (same grapes, different region)

Or if you want to get really into it, you can try for example one grape variety from the same region but very different wine makers.
Riesling in particular varies a lot from one terroir to the next.

Those are just things I would do if I were doing a wine tasting to help people learn more about wine.

Good luck,


Need Wine Ideas for My Wine Group
by: Mary

Thanks Suzele

I belong to a wine group and it's my turn to host and choose a theme. Its getting harder to think of different slants so I thought I'd try one region with different colours if that makes sense.

Now I just have to find the ones you've said - there are a maximum of 10 in the group and we have 3 bottles each session to taste so if I can get one of each I'll be made!


Red and Rosé Wine in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Mary,

In Alsace they produce Pinot Noir.
Rosé wine is red wine that has not "sat" for long with the grape skins and what is left after the pressing.

So in Alsace you'll find Pinot Noir rosé, Pinot Noir red, and Pinot Noir sparkling rosé (pink "champagne").

You can even find Pinot Noir that hasn't sat with the grape skins at all and is technically "white wine"...

If you're looking for just reds, you can check out the Burgundy region just south of Alsace.
But I can't help you much with that...

Hope that helps,


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