Onion and Apple Soup Recipe in Alsace

by Angela
(Derby UK)

I recently saw on a menu for a German restaurant in Chicago, Illinois an Alsatian Onion and Apple soup with Muenster cheese and croutons.

It sounds wonderful, but I can not find a recipe for it. Do you have one or can you direct me to someone who does.


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Alsatian onion soup
by: Maggie

Muenster is the cheese recommended in the recipe. I had the soup there. It was delicious. The recipe can be found in the book published by the restaurant.

I usually substitute the Muenster. I feel that it's the combination of onion and apple that makes this recipe unique. I think you can use any cheese you like.

Berghoff's Alsatian Onion and Apple Soup recipe
by: Ms. Darling

Anonymous is perfectly correct in knowing Alsace. I too enjoyed the soup at Berghoff's 115 year old restaurant in Chicago, and it was light, piquant and delightful.

My guess it was a fusion of Alsatian and American elements (hence the Munster)but it was redolent of apple and its sweetness was subtle and blended well with the equally light Munster.

I cannot blame Anonymous for holding to his/her authentic tastes and recipes. However, the current practice in many American finer restaurants is an exploration of combining tastes and styles.

Cuisine, like language is both fixed yet fluid, subject to invention and change. Either the Berghoff recipe was an old family recipe, or the chef played with it, as a jazz piece takes an old tune and develops the ideas in a new direction. Whichever, it was delicious!

Alsation Onion & Apple Soup!
by: Lou

I actually had it last week and it was truly delicious!!!!

I'm looking for the recipe too. Did you have any luck with it????

Wrong Cheese and Not a Popular Alsatian Soup
by: Anonymous

It sounds like the wrong cheese. Either you or the restaurant may have the wrong cheese. Muenster is an American cheese totally unlike Alsatian Munster which is a brie type mold cheese.

If the restaurant listed Munster cheese, then the soup uses three very popular products of the area.

Having lived in Alsace, I have never heard of it. It could be a lesser known Alsatian soup, a family recipe, or something created by a chef from three Alsatian products.

If the restaurant listed Muenster cheese, then the recipe is a fake that they made up. It may taste good, but it's certainly not Alsatian.

Munster cheese is carried by some high-end specialty cheese shops. Murray's famous cheese shop in NYC carries it at their stores which are in grocery stores like some Krogers in the US. It costs about $20 a pound.

Whether it's a little known Alsatian recipe or something they created, your best bet is getting the restaurant to release the recipe, possibly through a newspaper recipe-request column.

If the recipe calls for Munster, I think Muenster would be a terrible substitution. Munster has a unique taste.

If you had to substitute because you can not get Munster, I would say that a combination of Brie and Limburger would come closest, but not really authentic in taste.

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