Incredible Restaurants in Alsace that We Shouldn't Miss

by Ellis Krauss
(California USA)

My wife and I were going to stay in England in July and perhaps spend time in London after a trip to the Lake District. But then my wife had an inspiration.

Why not go to Alsace, her ancestral home where we have never visited despite being avid travelers. And after looking at VRBO rentals and various other web sites, I discovered yours.

We are now planning to go to Alsace after the Lake District instead of London (take the Eurostar and then the TGV to Strasbourg) for perhaps a week or more. I just want to thank you so much for having a great web site with very useful information.

Now for our question:

We are foodies--my wife reads 5 gourmet food magazines/month and is a great cook.

We love eating at good restaurants of all types, from basic to fancy as long as he food is based on fresh, local ingredients, well-prepared, creative and delicious.

Can you recommend a few in Strasbourg especially?

Thanks for any further information. And again thank you very much for your very useful and interesting website(s).

Best, Ellis Krauss

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The Best Restaurants in Alsace
by: Suzele

Most people just assume that the best restaurants are in the cities.

But it doesn't really work that way in France. You can find an amazing restaurant in a tiny village in what seems like the middle of nowhere.

And of course Strasbourg is the biggest city in Alsace and it has some really great restaurants!

But don't think they're all in Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse.

In France many of the best restaurants are in small villages. In France people are willing to go a little out of their way for food of this caliber.

I've eaten in many of these restaurants myself and I can say that it was definitely worth the drive.

One place you can start is my guide book for northern Alsace. It has every restaurant worth your time in it.

For Strasbourg (and let me tell you that was a big job!) and the smaller villages too.

Another tip for choosing restaurants in Alsace, is to be wary of the most touristy areas.

You can find good restaurants in these areas, but you are more likely to find over priced mediocre food.

Or good food and really bad service.

It's just how it works when there are tons of people in a small area.

And that tip is also important in touristy villages. More often than not, the food is mediocre (not great and not horrible). Plus you pay more than you should for it.

And I've found this to often be true even when the reviews said the restaurant was good. Of course, I live here and I have eaten the very best and some of the very worst (unfortunately) meals that Alsace has to offer.

So I may expect more from a restaurant than most tourists.

All the more reason to do a food and wine tour with me isn't it? ; )

Hope it helps,

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