How Can I Get to Soufflenheim by Train or Bus?

by Joanna
(Redding, CA USA)

Is there any way to get to Soufflenheim by bus or train? We're staying in Strasbourg but we'd love to visit some of the other villages in Alsace.

It seems that you can't get there by train. We'd love to go to Soufflenheim to check out the pottery studios there.

I hear it's famous for its pottery!

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Public Transportation to Soufflenheim
by: Suzele

You can get to pretty much EVERY village in Alsace with the train and bus...

In fact most of the villages you really want to visit, you'll have to take a bus to get to because they don't have a train station...

BUT it's usually a short bus ride after you take the train to a nearby village!

To get to Soufflenheim from Strasbourg, you take the Strasbourg-Lauterbourg train to Routzenheim.

Then you take the Seltz-Soufflenheim-Hagenau bus line 330 to Soufflenheim.

Routzenheim is about 4 km from Soufflenheim.

Prices for bus fare for bus lines like these depend on where you get on the bus and where you get off the bus.

You could just get on the bus, hand the bus driver some money, tell him how many people you're paying for, and where you're going.

On average it runs a few euros per person each way.

Just don't hand him a 50? bill unless you have a really big group of people with you.

The less change the bus driver has to give you, the better...

The easiest way to figure out when to catch the 330 bus line (or any bus line in Alsace) is here...

Enjoy your trip to Soufflenheim!

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