Genealogy Question about the Leonhardt family name in Alsace

by April (Leonhard) Hughey
(Hendersonville, Tennessee USA)

My maiden name is Leonhard. My name is April Leonhard. I was recently reunited with my father and family.

I have wondered for many years what the origin of my maiden name is. After reuniting with my father, I have found out so much information regarding our last name.

I found out that my great grandfather, George Lawrence Leonhard was a baker. His father who is also named George came over to the US from Alsace, France and landed in Kansas.

I joined and traced the Leonhard name, which was actually spelled Leonhardt back seven generations.

Good news, I just received all my great-grandfather's bakery recipes; what a treasure!

I am looking to make a trip to Alsace in the near future. I was told that it is difficult to trace family who came from Alsace, France due to the ownership changes between France and Germany.

I was told that I would need to go to the individual villages to do my research, is that correct?

In regards to the Leonhard name, I was told that it is a well respected German name. If there is any type of information you might be able to give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
April Leonhard Hughey

P.S. Where would I go to obtain some Alsatian language information?

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Genealogy in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi April,

I have found some very useful information about genealogy and finding records in France.

Specifically where to start and then other options that might give you just enough information to get to the next step which is often the case regardless of where your ancestors were located...

One common problem is figuring out what the current name of a village is or the nearest village if the village no longer exists...
Old Village Names and Villages that No Longer Exist in Alsace

Another problem is where to start...
Here's some good information on where to start researching your ancestry in France...
Where to Start your Genealogical Research in France

Leonhardt is not a rare family name, but it's also not the most popular one either.

If you can find a village name for the birth, death or marriage of your most recent Alsatian relative, you have a very good chance of finding many more of them.

In France, every time you move, get married, have children, die, etc, you have to go and register with the Mairie (city hall), so they will have good records of the major events in people's lives.

I'd love to hear how things are going and I hope you find what you are looking for.

And we would all love to hear about your family recipes!

Hope it helps,

About our last name
by: Leonhart, P

Hi... You can see how I spell my name "Leonhart." My family is also from Alsace. What I found out was:

When the Germans were winning, we spelled our name Leonhardt. When they were losing, we dropped the D and spelled it the way that I do. :)

Best of luck...


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