Locating Genealogical Records for Villages That No Longer Exist in France

by Barbara Beyer
(Chesapeake, VA, USA)

We have a relative who listed Steinsely, Alsace as his place of birth in 1874.

Can you please advise us on where this area or city was located in Alsace? Was its name changed or was this city or area incorporated into another city? Please advise.

How can we get info on this location? His name was George Beyer and he came to the US in 1892 at the age of 18.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.

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Finding Genealogical Information in France
by: Suzele

Hi Barbara,

Fortunately, Alsace is a small region and only has two departements so that makes for less digging around than other regions like Lorraine which has considerably more departements.

Hopefully this will help you out with your search for "steinsely".

It definitely doesn't exist any more on any map that I have access to, but perhaps it is misspelled or has merged with another village.

This webpage explains how to find misspelled village names and villages from the past and the closest modern villages (that would have the records you are looking for).

Good luck!

I've found George
by: Annick

Hi Barbara,

Steinsely hasn't disappeared; it's a mispelling of Steinseltz.

I found the birth of George Beyer

To see it, tick the box to accept the condition and select "version adaptée". Type Steinseltz and look that the book N (naissance = birth) for 1874. He's page 3 number 6.


The act is in German. Unfortunately, my German skills are not good enough to translate it for you.


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