Bus passes in Alsace

by Steve

Hi Suzele,

I really like your site! I'll be staying in Colmar in the next couple of weeks, so your site has been reall useful, but I do have a question.

Is it possible to buy a weekly bus pass that will allow me to travel around Alsace by bus, and also to use it on the trams in Strasbourg?

I can speak some French and German, but i can get terribly confused and embarrased trying to understand the bus drivers.

All the best

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Trains and Buses in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Steve,

On the website there is information about special cards for using the regional trains in Alsace.

You'll find a day pass in there, but it's only good for Saturday, Sunday and official French holidays, so it's a bit limiting.

I should also add that the rural buses aren't really designed for tourists. They are for people who can't afford a car (very low earners) and students mostly. But I suppose it depends on which route you are taking.

There may be yearly and monthly discount cards, but they are only a good deal if you use public transportation every day and they will only be applicable for a specific rural network, not all of Alsace. I think they may cost in the area of 40 or more euros.

Some towns have their own bus network and some don't. Mulhouse is the only other city in Alsace with a tram and bus network.

I would say that you don't really need the buses or trams for visiting a town. Even most of the historic areas of Strasbourg aren't incredibly far away from each other.

And Colmar is much smaller than Strasbourg. The historic center is quite small in comparison.

You should have no problem getting from Colmar to Strasbourg on the train. Other than that, I don't think you will need public transportation to visit these two cities.

If you're asking because you are planning to visit the villages with the bus, well...good luck with that! : )

I think you may want to consider renting a car unless you want to take the train and then walk a couple of miles.

Depending on the size of car, it can be quite reasonably priced, I've seen smaller cars going for around 200€ for one week.

In any case look at the bus and train schedules before you make your decision. You'll want to make sure that you are willing to work around those schedules.

Hope that answers your question!

Have a great time in Alsace!

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