Alsatian Restaurants OUTSIDE of Alsace

by Suzele

Since you're hear to learn more about Alsace...

And I'm guessing you're planning a trip for sometime in the future most likely...

But since you probably don't live in Alsace...

What about the little pieces of Alsace OUTSIDE of Alsace? It could be a restaurant or a cafe...or anything Alsatian.

One recommendation I've already received is

Portland OR USA

According to Dan, it's a very nice restaurant specializing in Germanic (including Alsatian) cuisine.

I have to say the menu does look impressive...

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Alsatian Restaurant near Washington, DC
by: Anonymous

One would be remiss if he did not enjoy a meal at L'Augerge Chez Francois while visiting the Washington, DC area.

Alsatian cuisine as good as it gets on this side of the Atlantic!

Check out their website and the menu:

L'Auberge Chez Francois

Cafe Alsace in Decatur GA
by: Anonymous

There's an Alsatian restaurant in Decatur, Georgia. Have never been there but it looks interesting and the dishes sound authentic.

Google, "Cafe Alsace Decatur" for more info.

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