Alsatian Plum Tart or Quetches Kueche

by Pattie
(Barrington, IL )

My mother calls her tarte aux prunes Questcheskurla or kierla.

I make Fleishkierla (the little meat patties out of ground meat which doesn't sound right. How can kierla mean a meat patty and a plum pie.

Do you know the Alsatian word for plum pie?

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Tarte aux Prunes
by: Anonymous

My mom is from the Bas Rhin area (Dambach). Thank you so much. This was extremely helpful!!!

Kiechle or Kierla in Alsatian
by: Suzele

Kiechle and Kierla seem to be Alsatian words for "galette" in French. The word "galette" can translate to "crepe" or "pancake" or even sometimes "cake" in English.

So a fleisch kierla is a meat galette or meat patty in English. Quetsche (pronouced kvatchka) is the Alsatian word for a purple plum. I haven't found any mention of a "quetsche kierla or kiechle" but I already know that "kueche" is Alsatian for "cake."

My guess is that kiechle or kierla are variations in the pronunciation of kueche or you misunderstood your mom's pronunciation of kueche.

Alsatian isn't a written language, so there are many many variations in the spelling and pronunciation of almost every word.

I am more familar with the southern Alsatian dialects, so it could be that your mom is from northern Alsace.

Hope it helps,

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