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Who are the parents of my great grandfather?

by Jacqui Server-Garcia
(Santa Rosa, California USA)

I am being told that my great grandfather known as Fredrick Server was born in Strasbourg France and he was born a Server or adopted by the SERVER family that were wealthy and worked as Goldsmiths. My great grandfather said he was baptized in the Lutheran Church and his god parents were a Mrs Augest Ohl and Fred Carlow. I have no idea how to find any kind of information in France and I have never found any passenger list with him and his parents and yet I know he was here and he fought in the Civil war and married and had children. So between 1845 and 1860 where were he and his family? I have two given names for his father which are Antoine and Henri Server his mother is known as Catherine unknown surname. I am not sure if anything can be found, but I am hoping you can find a little information

Thank you for your time and any help
Jacqui Server-Garcia

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