What to Do in Alsace

by Jill
(Basel Switzerland)

I just moved to Basel from the US in May and my daughter lives in Paris.

My husband and I are meeting her at the train station on Saturday in Strasbourg. It is my husband's birthday and we would like to celebrate with my daughter in the area.

He would like to do a few wine tastings and then have dinner in one of the villages... and I would love to do some cheese tastings also.

Do you have any suggestions that would help us plan our day?

Thank you for your time.


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What to Do in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Jill,

I have a question that might help me give you better answers...

Will you have a car?

Why? Because there are a few villages that you can get to by train here for wine tastings and exploring...

If you have a car, then you are free to go to any village you like listed here (the purple ones are wine villages)...

Or if you just want the short list of all the touristy villages in Alsace, here they are...

For wine tastings, unless you are a very picky wine drinker who only likes a very specific type of wine (for example only red wines or only dry wines, etc...)

You'll probably find that one wine tasting a day is more than enough (unless you spit of course).

And the beauty of Alsace wines is that most of them are made by small producers who take a lot of care to produce very high quality wine.

The traditions of each wine maker, the terroir (the soil where the grapes are grown) and many micro climates (big variation in sun, wind, cold weather and rain) in Alsace create this enormous range of flavors from wine maker to wine maker.

And that's what is so great about wine tasting in Alsace! Most small wine producers make excellent wines.

You can't really screw it up by choosing the wrong one...

And that goes for most of the villages and restaurants as well...

Now for cheese tasting, you are too far north...of course you can stop into any cheese shop and try some fantastic French cheese.

Most large villages have them.

But if you want to go visit the cheese makers in Alsace, they are in the Munster valley which is a bit further into the Vosges in the direction of Turckheim (not far from Colmar).

Where they produce Munster cheese...

Unfortunately because these are farms out in the countryside, you will need a car for this sort of trip although you can visit the town of Munster by train.

Hope it helps,

What to Do in Alsace
by: Jill

We will have our car. The problem is that the choices are numerous and therefore difficult.

Fortunately we will be making many trips! Thank you again. I appreciate your suggestions.

I know what you mean...
by: Suzele

Hi Jill,

I know what you mean about having too much to choose from here in Alsace...

At first it feels frustrating until you realize that it's all fantastic and interesting and you can't screw it up.

I've been here for years and I sometimes feel like I'm just getting started myself! ;)

The more I discover, the more I realize how much more there is to discover in Alsace.

Have fun and remember to come back and tell us all about it!!! : )


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