Walking the Alsace Wine Trail

by Kay

My husband and I and friends would like to walk the Alsace Wine Trail. We have found several tour companies who will set up independent walking tours.

Do you know of any companies that could provide just pack service and allow us to do our own schedule and lodging bookings?

Also when would be the best time of year to do the walk? We are thinking about end of May to early June.

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Hiking the Wine Road in Alsace
by: Suzele

I never talk about tour companies because I haven't found any worth talking about yet...

Whether they travel by bus, bicycle or foot.

If I were going to do walks on the Alsatian Wine Road, I would do it in May, June, July, August or September.

The vineyards may not be in full bloom in May, but they are likely to be green.

June would be my first choice because the vineyards will be prettier.

I would personally avoid July and August unless I was planning to avoid certain touristy areas.

September would be my second choice because the vineyards will be full of grapes and harvesting might start the middle to end of September which is interesting to see.

Hiking on the Wine Road in Alsace is very doable with just maps and a little planning.

You won't be able to do the entire wine road unless you've got a lot of time...

Even in a car it takes more than a day to just drive it from end to end (and I know because I've tried to do it a few times).

If you're on foot, you'll either have to pick one area to stay in or use the trains to go from one part to another and then do hikes in each area.

Just here on GetAlsaced.com, you'll find quite a few areas with lots of hiking opportunities.

Off the wine road (all with train stations)
Niederbronn les Bains

The wine road is made up of over 100 little villages that produce wine and they are basically separated by vineyards.

Every square inch of unused space is planted with grapes mainly because the French Wine Laws won't allow wine producers to plant grape vines outside of specific designated areas.

So for the most part, if you walk a few miles or kilometers, you'll run into another village.

And most of those miles are filled with vineyards.

Not bad eh?

Enjoy your trip! (and remember to come back and tell us all about it!)


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