Village names in the 1820s through 1850s

by Rick
(Kailua, Hawaii, US)

I have an ancestor who immigrated to the U.S. sometime in the 1840s or 50s, he was inducted into the Army in our civil war in 1862 and listed his birthplace as "Ville" France (as near as we can decipher). It is said that he and his family spoke German though... What would be a good starting point for me to begin research there? I'm making an educated guess that he is from your region. Name George FRAZER, DOB 1828, father: John (no indication he emigrated.

I'm planning a trip there in the future, perhaps next year, and would like to conduct some research (in between wine tasting and site seeing!)

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by: Suzele

There's a town here named Villé
so there's a very good chance that he was from this town or nearby.

If he spoke a Germanic language, he was most likely Alsatian.

You can look through the records and see what you find.

The hard part isn't the records...well it's sometimes very time consuming but it's not the hardest part ; )

The hard part is reading what's written.
Some people just never developed good penmanship!

Or they had really bad pens ; )

Happy hunting!

Genealogist for hire?
by: Rick Bratt

I am literally half way across the world here in Hawaii but find I have need of a genealogist in your area. I would come there in a heartbeat to research myself if time allowed. Any recommendations as to who might be reliable to hire to do some research?

I would love to find some too!
by: Suzele

Now that I have very little time to do research, I would LOVE to find a few of them too.

Because I have hundreds of people who could use their help on this site.

If someone who does this sort of research sees this, please send me an email :)


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