Tracing Grandfather

by Leslie
(Hampshire England)

Believed to come from Bouxwiller in Alsace. my grandfather was Emile Kiehl - his mother came from Mulhouse. Seeking any records available

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Any other info
by: Suzele

Hi Leslie,

It's always good to give as much info as you have available. Dates etc.

Places are already really great!

You could probably dig around and find something by looking in the records of those two towns. Bouxwiller isn't that big. Mulhouse is a city but not a really big one.

You may find what you're looking for even without knowing the dates (if you don't know them).

And wow Bouxwiller is on the opposite end of Alsace from Mulhouse!
Makes me wonder how that happend.
They're at least 2+ hours apart.

Happy researching!

Tracing Grandfather
by: Leslie

Of course dates are useful! Grandfather Emile was born 25th June 1881. His father was Ernest Albert Kiehl. Mothers name possibly Margaritter,but that is a little uncertain.
Emile is believed to have travelled to England from Switzerland in 1914.

Any info will be appreciated.

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