The Cheese Section of a French Supermarket in Alsace

by Suzele

Half of a Cheese Section in a French Supermarket

Half of a Cheese Section in a French Supermarket's one of the many things France is famous for...

And you'll find it in abundance in Alsace!

Here's a photo of just half of the cheese section of the grocery store...half!!!

It's could try a new cheese every day and I think you may run out of options in about 6 months if you don't consider the cheese by the gram options.

I'll go into more detail on the different cheeses later on...

But for now just be aware of what you have waiting for you!

I suppose I should mention that the yogurt section is the same size as the cheese section.

If you love dairy products, you'll definitely be in heaven...

The cheese section in French supermarkets is a good place to start if you've never really tried much French cheese.

In general the cheese in the grocery store will be milder than what you might find in a cheese shop...and less expensive too.

But I have tasted some pretty rich and flavorful cheeses from the grocery store.

The two sides of the cheese aisle are normally divided into "hard cheeses" and "soft cheeses".

The different cheeses are usually organized by type as well, so you'll find all goat cheeses together, but keep in mind that there are quite a few different types of goat cheeses.

The Camemberts and cheeses like Camembert are grouped together, for example.

It's a lot of cheese ...

You might want to start with something you are familiar if you like goat cheese, try some here...

If you've always liked blue cheese, try one of the French blues...

Bon appetit or A Gueta (in Alsatian)


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