Taking the Bus in Alsace

by Suzele

I highly recommend that anyone visiting Alsace (especially if you are particularly fixated on visiting certain villages or sites that aren't close to a train station) rent a car.

But I know that it just might not be possible for everyone, so let's talk about how to use the buses in Alsace!

If you can't find a nearby train station and you aren't going to rent a car, the bus may be your only choice (unless you are willing to go for a long bike ride or hike).

I'm not talking about city bus systems by the way...

The bus lines outside of towns that will take you from one village to another are set up to do a few things.

1) take people to work
2) take children to school
3) bring people and children home for lunch
4) take people and children back to work and school
5) bring people home from work
6) bring children home from school

That's their primary purpose. You can count on them to be there early in the morning, around lunch time, and around rush hour (6pm on average).

They MAY run at other times, but not often...

Bus schedules also change. For example, when children are out of school for a few days or weeks and public holidays, the buses may make fewer stops or run less often.

And some bus stops are only available if you call the bus operator and let them know that you will be at a particular bus stop (varies from bus line to bus line).

So if you absolutely want to go somewhere (and there is often a bus to most villages and sites) and you're willing to schedule your trip around the limitations of the bus schedule...

You can go here to see what bus line and bus stops you need to take to get to your destination in Alsace.

It should give you all the information you need to plan your itinerary by bus (just remember to see about your return trip too!)

Hope it helps,

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Bus Fare in Alsace
by: Suzele

Normally you can pay your bus fare when you get on the bus.

For bus lines that go from village to village (outside of cities), it'll usually cost a few euros per person each way.

You can pay with paper money (instead of coins) but they won't appreciate if you hand them a large bill (for example a 20 euro bill for a 3 euro bus ticket).

Have fun,

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