Surname Lemont

by K Lemont

My husbands relatives came from the Alsace-Lorraine area. The story goes that they left this area and were French Huegonots around 1670 . They reappear in Londonderry for a few decades before immigrating to the US abt 1720. Where would I start my research?

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More questions
by: Suzele

Hi K,

Can you clarify a few things in case anyone has any info for you?

Your husband's ancestors were in Alsace (probably) where they were Huguenots?

or did they come to Alsace because they were Huguenots somewhere else?

Did they arrive in 1670 in Alsace or leave Alsace in 1670?

Just want to make sure ;)

I would imagine they might arrive in Alsace in 1670. If they were protestants, I would expect them to want to stay in Alsace for many reasons.

But people did all sorts of things and the facts are the facts!

Happy hunting,

Lemont surname
by: K Lemont

My husband's family left Alsace area in 1670. They were Huguenots. They stayed in Ireland until 1720 and ended up in America. John Lemont was born in 1650 in the Alsace Lorraine region of France. Trying to find any information that confirms this written account that was handed down through family. There is some folklore that he may have been a Noble?

Great story of your husband's ancestry
by: Suzele

It's a great story even if you don't have any official documents to prove it yet.

And I'm really surprised that they left Alsace at that time.

They should have been safe as far as their religious convictions were concerned.

And they had already been through the worst parts of the 30 Years War by then.

I could imagine them leaving much much earlier, like before John/Jean was born.

Do you know anything about why they went to Ireland?

I'm no expert on Irish history but I wouldn't expect Protestants to be very welcome there!

Fascinating story!

Good luck!

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