Surname: Kiefer

by Carrie SB
(Cincinnati, OH )

I recently found that my Great-Great Grandfather, Peter Kiefer, was from Alsace, France, where exactly, is unknown. He is buried close to where I am in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the most I have found out about him are on this website:

He married Elizabeth, and they had an only child, son, Peter Jr. Later remarried Rose or Rosa in Cincinnati Ohio-about the same time Junior married his wife! That took a while to untangle! Senior and Rose had 3 or 4 children together.

I am interested in knowing where Peter is from in Alsace, anything about his parents, siblings, and about Elizabeth. She died and was buried in Pennsylvania, leaving very little to her son who it seems was not part of her life. I am not sure if Peter Sr. left her, or if she left him or any circumstances surrounding this mystery of their marriage, or why he left France around 1875 (which it was at the time, and I later heard from the family he always claimed French, and not German heritage). I found Senior living in NYC with Elizabeth and Jr. and then nothing. I don't know if they married in NY, or PA, or know where Elizabeth is from to possibly help identify her maiden name. More questions than answers with this!

Any help is appreciated!

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