Searching for ancestors from Alsace

by Warren Heist
(Park Hills, Ky USA)

Great great grandparents born in the early 1800's and their names are John Buring and Katherine Roach.

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More info?
by: Suzele

Hi Warren,

I hope you have some more info about your ancestors.

The names are important for sure.
When they were born is helpful and speeds things up.

But where, as in what village or town is super super super important.

Like will it take 4 years or 4 hours important.

So if this research project is important for you, do everything you can to find out where or at least narrow it down more than just Alsace.

There are 100s of villages and towns in Alsace. Many many 100s, which means you or someone will have to look through every single village's badly handwritten records to find the records of your ancestors.

Happy hunting!

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