Search for birth record for my 2nd great grandfather

by Bonnie Owens
(Naperville, Illinois, USA)

I'm an American, searching for a birth record or other family record for my 2nd great grandfather, Peter Braun. I have the U.S. census records for him for the years 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, and 1910. His census records say he was born in Alsace. His death record in St. Louis City, Missouri, USA, also say place of birth Alsace. He was born in 1833. I can't get any further than that. I have found records which incorrectly spell the name Braun. I have seen Brown, Brawn, Broun, as well as the correct name, Braun. I've looked at the Alsace surname indices which are online, & found that the surname Braun in the Alsace region was found most often in Bas Rhin. And Strasbourg was the place in that area where the most Braun names were found. I live in Naperville, Illinois, USA, very close to Chicago, Illinois, USA. Any website advice or lead as to where to look would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Finding a relative with no birthplace somewhere in Alsace
by: Suzele

The Braun last name is not an unusual name so you will likely find it in many places including Germany as it's the same exact spelling in Germany.

Unfortunately there is no other way to find a relative, especially with a very common name, than to just go through every town and village.

If you don't have any other information to identify him with like a birthday, middle name, parents' names, etc, you also run the risk of finding a number of different people with the same name.

In that case it's difficult to say which one is your real relative.

This is where private family records can be helpful if you can find any.

Sorry to not be more helpful,

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