Romantic Weekend in Alsace with no Car

by Jessica
(Basel, Switzerland)

I have really enjoyed viewing your website...very helpful!

My husband and I have just moved to Basel, Switzerland from the US. We are looking forward to our one year anniversary at the end of this month and want to celebrate it in Alsace!

Any recommendations on a romantic place for us to stay, see and dine? We haven't purchased a car yet, so we need to rely on public transport.

It's easy for us to reach Colmar, and we can take public transport to anywhere public transport is available in Alsace from there.

Thank-you for everything, have a nice day.

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Romantic Weekends in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to Basel! Basel's a great city too so I hope you are enjoying it!

But it's just not as romantic as Alsace is...

For romantic weekends, the wine road is the most romantic part of Alsace and by that I mean the entire wine road in Alsace can be a very romantic experience (or at least the villages that I've listed are...)

If you haven't read Urgent Help about a Romantic Evening for a Couple, you can read it here...

And when you go to my Find a Hotel in Alsace page and you click on each of the villages with an asterisk (*), I always make it a point to mention the hotels with special features for couples...

For example, if the hotel and its room decor tends to create a romantic mood...

Or when the hotel rooms have luxurious bathrooms perfect for couples...

Or when the hotel has a spa or anything at all that stands out...

I always mention it in my short descriptions of each hotel.

Not to mention I always mention the benefits of staying in that particular village. So depending on what you like to do, you'll find certain villages more interesting than others.

All wine road villages will offer you the opportunity to look at rolling hills of vineyards, walk along the different vineyard walking paths, wander through an adorable little village and taste some wine.

Some Alsace villages have more wine makers, some have more scenic walks, and some have more beautiful architecture.

Many of them have all sorts of other things too...

And whatever they have that makes them special, I mention it on the Find a Hotel page, so that you know a little bit about the village before you even click over to it.

As for the villages that I haven't reviewed yet, Central Alsace should be finished sometime next year and Southern Alsace will likely be done by the end of the year if I'm not too busy doing travel plans and guided tours.

Enjoy your romantic getaway in Alsace!

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