Research on my Uncles Death in Alsace during WW2 on November 22, 1944

by Richard Cady
(Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

I'm planning a trip to Alsace in September 2019 to research and visit the area where my Uncle was killed during WW2. I'm looking for someone in the area that might be interested in helping me during my visit. My Uncle was with the 14th Armored Division and was killed on November 22, 1944 in the area around Schirmick and St. Die according to Military Records. He was buried in the Epinal Military Cemetery. I have some information about the area and would very much like to visit the area of his Death and possibly leave some sort of marker or monument. If anyone knows someone from the area that has knowledge of the war that I could contact I would be very appreciative.
I am also planning to visit the town where my Grandmothers family was from. Her maiden name was Eschenbrenner. Her family came from Froschwiller, a little town in Alsace. Any help there would also be appreciated. It's kind of ironic that her son, my Uncle that I was named after, was killed in the area that my Grandmother's family came from.

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