Plums in French Supermarkets in Alsace

by Suzele

Plum Varieties in Alsace France

Plum Varieties in Alsace France

If you like plums (and most other fruits for that matter), you will be in heaven here in Alsace during the summer.

Alsace has a climate similar to the Pacific Northwest of the United States (minus the rain of course), so almost everything grows well here...

And Alsace has a huge variety of plums that you may not be familiar with.

If you go to the jam section or the liquor section of the grocery store, you will see a lot of products made with plums as well.

Quetsche /kwatchka/ is the Alsatian word for a purple plum and you will see it often if you are looking at fruit, jams, or even liquor.

You'll see small yellow plums as well as small reddish yellow plums (the wild variety) called a Mirabelle.

And they make excellent pies, jams...and as always in Alsace...brandy : )

You may be familiar with the green plum, the Greengage plum which is called a Claude Reine plum in France.

Don't's ripe ; )

And probably most importantly...the word for plum in French is pruneau /proon oh/

The Alsatian word for plum (that I use in Southern Alsace) is Pflüme /pfloome/

You won't be able to take any fresh plums back with you legally but you can get some jam or canned preserves to bring back and share with everyone back home...

Perfect for making a "tarte"!

You'll of course find these products at almost any French supermarket in Alsace...

A Gueta (Bon Appetit in Alsatian)


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