My last name and two brothers who moved to America from Alsace-Lorraine circa 1871

by Serrott

My last name is Serrott. My family had told me that the last name of the two brothers was something else, but once they got to America the last name was interpreted incorrectly and was written down as Serrott.

My family pronounces it as Sarit, rhymes with share it, but I've pronounced it as if it rhymes with sir ott. Don't know if that helps, but I want to know what the original last name was. I can't find any trace of Serrott in France or anywhere at all besides the US.

It's killing me to know. Apparently the signature had a line that went through the last two letters or something to create the perception that they were two T's rather than something else.

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by: Suzele

Hi person who's first name I don't know ; )

Without looking at their name written as they would write it, it's hard to tell. If you have an example of their handwriting, that could answer some questions or not...hard to say.

I can tell you that they may have written in the German cursive form which is incredibly hard to read if you don't know how.

Serrott is definitely not Alsatian. Not even a little bit. My very educated guess (because I have read a good bit of German cursive) is Schott or Scholl maybe even Schoff or Schaff or something like that.

Please don't hold me to that of course, but it's probably closer to the truth than Serrott.

Hope it helps : )

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