My Experiences on the Wine Road in Alsace

by Steven Layser
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Near Grand Cru Vorbourg (Rouffach)

Near Grand Cru Vorbourg (Rouffach)

How did you get so lucky finding that man? You and your husband must live near Belfort, no?

My ancestors came to USA in the mid-1800's from Alsace.

I visited Alsace in year 2000 for one week, bicycling on La Route Des Vins from north to south.

I found Alsace the most beautiful place on earth. Thank you for the information you have contributed on your website!

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by: Suzele

Thanks for the photo!

Actually I live a little closer to Switzerland ...not far from Basel to be exact...

I'd love to hear more about your cycling trip on the Wine Road in Alsace!

And definitely more photos...

In any case, I'm really glad you are enjoying the website and I hope it helps you plan your next trip!


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