My Alsace Lorraine and German Ancestors

by Jessica
(Cumberland, MD, USA)

Hi everyone,

Ok, so I'm trying to research & have hit a wall! Supposedly this branch of my tree is from Germany & Alsace-Lorraine. I have a John Weber (1860-1947), his dad Karl Weber. Wife Barbara Superion (??)(1864-1939). I know in the 1880's John & Barbara immigrated to the US & raised their kids in Erie PA. I cannot find info on their parents & back. & I'm not 100% sure about Superion. Found several similar spellings! On a passport application, they said they wanted to visit family in Switzerland, France, Holland & Belgium....Help! & Thanks!

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How's Your Alsace Family Genealogy Going?
by: Suzele

Hi Jessica,

I understand what you're talking about! Do you know which towns or villages your Alsace ancestors come from?

Normally you can find what you need with this info (and an ability to read French or German handwriting from way back when).

Normally having family in Switzerland could be a sign that they were from southern Alsace, but no guarantees on that part.

Especially since they wanted to visit family in Holland and Belgium which is a good bit north of Alsace (4-5 hours on average).

Of course world wars will do that. Make you move around. And after World War Two, it was rough in Alsace (and many other places).

If you're still stuck, let me know.

If you still don't have any village or town names, you might stay stuck for a while. Sorry to say it, but...

I'd really love to know what other info you'd really love to know.

If the official documents situation is a dead end for now, what other questions do you have about your ancestors?

I study Alsace's history, its cultural traditions and beliefs (and a whole lot more).

And I'm working on some more material for the website. I'd love to make sure it's helpful to you (and really all of you who are a bit stuck in your genealogy research right now).

Hope all is well,

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