My Alsace ancestry records?

by Suzanne

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for my Alsace ancestors to fill out my Alsace family tree and learn more about my ancestry in France and Alsace. The parents of Frederick H. Ertzman, who was born in Alsace, France in 1825; and he immigrated to the USA and died in the Civil War in 1965.

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More info?
by: Suzele

Hi Suzanne,

Do you have any more information about your ancestor?

The dates of birth and the full name of your ancestor are important.

But in France, where he was born or married or died are also extremely important.

Do you have any other ancestors that you suspect are from Alsace?

Another reason to provide more info is that this internet page that you've built will be found more easily.

When people are searching for info about your page, they may find it if it has more than a few sentences ;)

Especially if it has information that matches what they are looking for.

Just some helpful tips ;)

How's your Alsace genealogy going?
by: Suzele

Hi Suzanne,

Hopefully you're making some progress with your Alsace family tree.

I know from experience that without the name of a town or village, it can be difficult to find info for your family tree here in Alsace.

And after talking to quite a few people with Alsace ancestry, I know you may be working with only a simple entry line when he immigrated to the United States.

Hopefully that's not the case for you.

But I've met plenty of people with only this much info on their ancestor's Alsace origins.

If you've unfortunately hit a dead end with official records, I'd love to know what else you're very interested to know about your Alsace relatives.

I study (and love) Alsace history, its cultural traditions and beliefs and much more.

And it's so disheartening for me to not be able to help them get any official info (without hundreds of hours of research).

So I'm working on adding some new sections to this website (and offer some new services and products) to help you feel closer to your Alsace ancestors.

So I'd love to know what questions you have about them. Or what you wonder about them.

Hope all is well,

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