Munster Cheese: Regional French Cheeses in Alsace

by Suzele

Munster Cheese from Alsace in a French Supermarket

Munster Cheese from Alsace in a French Supermarket

If you're coming to Alsace, you may want to try Munster cheese...

It's the regional cheese specialty in Alsace!

You'll find it in cheese shops, restaurants and of course French supermarkets.

Munster is usually made in the valleys of the Vosges mountains and not surprisingly in the general area of the town of Munster.

This French cheese is normally made from raw milk and it is nothing like the "Muenster" cheese you find in the US.

It has a distinct smell and a mild taste. If you have never tried it, I recommend you try one from the grocery store or a "young Munster" in a cheese shop or restaurant.

The younger the cheese, the milder the flavor.

In Alsace restaurants, you'll have many opportunities to try it out too...

You'll find it in versions of Flammakueche also know as Tarte Flambée, Cordon Bleu, Escargots, and many other creative dishes.

Or you can eat it as most French eat it...

Sliced on a piece of baguette with a cup of coffee in the morning or...

With a glass of Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer.

A gueta!


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