Meaning of "par alliance"?

by Barbara
(Asheville, North Carolina, EU)


I am second generation American, and I have done pretty extensive research on my Haut Rhin ancestors. The fact that all those great records are available on line from the archives in Colmar is pretty amazing. Je suis vraiment Rouffachoise. My grandmother was born in Rougemont-le-Chateau in Territoire de Belfort, but the family only moved there after the Franco-Prussian War when my gg grandfather must have said, "We are out of here (Rouffach)!"

Here is my question: in my ggg grandparents' marriage record of January 1838 (Between Joseph Antoine Foltz & Marie Anne Probst) there is a phrase that I have not seen before. A witness is one Louis Riss "grandpere maternal de la epouse par alliance." My puzzle: "par alliance'? His name does not match his daughter's maiden name which adds to the confusion.

Do you know the meaning here of "par alliance" in a record like this?

Merci bien.

I have been to the Haute Alsace and Strasbourg. Keep promoting the area. Americans in general are apprehensive of traveling in France, especially Paris, In 2017.

Barbara Hall
Asheville, North Carolina

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by: Suzele

Wow! Your family was one of the few that left Alsace in 1871. Makes me wonder why...

They couldn't have been only French speakers if they really were from Rouffach. Rouffach is not a big city so the local dialect would have been necessary to survive.

Unless he was working for the government or something like that. Interesting...

They clearly weren't farmers and didn't have anything tying them permanently to Rouffach.

Par alliance, for me means by marriage so step father probably.

Have fun!

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