M. Antoinette Hurth also known as Marie A. Tschamser

by Melanie Tschamser Gleason
(United States)

I am looking for family members of a relative (by marriage) of mine. She went by the name of Marie A. Tschamser in New York City, but was buried in Haut Rhin France under M. Antoinette Hurth.

My family is from Alsace. My father's name was Rene'Tschamser and my grandparents were Marie and George.

I live in America, but will be travelling to France to see the hometown of my ancestors. I need to find family members of the above person as there is unfinished business here in the United States.

Since I am related by marriage, I can not take care of it. Any suggestions on how to find family members of hers.

It is greatly appreciated. She had no children and I believe her sister is deceased.

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by: Barbara

Dear Melanie
I am Marie Antoinette Tschamser's sister's grand daughter (my grandma was Rosemarie Hurth, died 2012).
I last saw Marie Antoinette in 2006 on a trip to NYC.
Feel free to contact me. I live in the suburbs of Paris. Marie Antoinette is buried in Vieux-Thann (Haut-Rhin) where her mother Josephine Hurth (my great grandmother) is buried too. Unless she is buried in Leimbach next to her late husband Yvan. This I am not sure of.
I am looking forward to being in contact with you.

Marie A. Tschamser
by: Melanie Tschamser Gleason

Good Afternoon Barbara-It is so good to hear from you! Thank you for the response. Can you tell me is it through your mother or father that you are related and is that person still living? I never had the opportunity to meet Marie as we were supposed to meet her one summer and Yvan died right before. He was my father's first cousin, Rene' Tschamser. When my family came over from France, they dropped the "Ts", so our last names were Chamser in America. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Melanie

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