Is Alsace as Amazing during the Week before Christmas as It Is the Rest of the Year?

by Carrie Watters
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hello there,

What an amazingly helpful site! I was having a hard time getting the 'feel' of things until I came here, and am still pouring through all of your lovely information.

Sooooooo I have the hotel picked (in Barr), and the train tickets almost booked, but wanted to know if it's silly to stay the week before Christmas (19th-24th).

Will all of the vineyards and castles still be open? If perchance, most places are closed that week, than I may need to rearrange!

Thanks so much!

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Christmas Time in Alsace
by: Suzele

How funny! I just finished answering this in my Alsace guide book! Ok here's the short version...

Personally I think Christmas time is a special time of year. It's even better than the rest of the year.

Of course certain activities are closed because it is colder outside, but there are so many things to see and do at this time of year that you will never see during the year.

The Christmas markets are a very good example. Many of the traditional Christmas foods are harder to find during the year as well.

There are lots of Christmas decoration and special holiday activities going on that you will never find during the year.

Christmas is probably the busiest tourist season in Alsace (or at least equal with the summer months), so wineries are usually open.

No guarantees as each business makes their own decisions of course.

You won't be able to go swimming or walk around without a good winter coat, so there are some businesses that close in winter because they are not good for cold weather.

And of course that also means busloads of tourists too. There is that downside depending on where you go.

It could snow in December a little, but it's unusual to have a lot of snow at the end of December.

You should see snow in the mountains, but it's still to early for skiing at this point usually.

Hope it helps!

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